Your Pilot’s License Can Help Mankind

Whenever there is a natural disaster, the one thing that is needed is pilots who can take supplies into those in need and look for people in need. Small airplanes like you would use once you get your pilot’s license are a perfect way to help out because they can fly low and maneuver easily in places larger airplanes cannot go. This is one of the truly great rationales for you getting your pilot’s license because it really can enable you to help others in a way that is very much needed.

If you are involved in a charitable organization, having a pilot’s license can be a huge benefit to that group, especially if you also have your own plane or access to aircraft that can be accessed to pitch in. Many churches operate mission groups that need to be able to get to remote regions of this country or others that can only be accessed by private plane. So when you study to get your private pilot’s certification, you can make sure you get some training in flying in rough terrain and maybe even landing on an unprepared surface. That kind of knowledge can save lives and get help people when they need it the most.

During hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters that have hit so many places, one of the most important jobs that are needed very early on is for scouts that can fly low over stricken areas to search for survivors and to help map and identify the depth and scope of the crisis. Many people set out to get their private pilot’s licenses to do so out of a deeply held drive to prepare for this kind of mission. There may be no more gratifying moment than for you to fly over a flood or tornado-stricken area and spot a survivor that is clinging to life and signaling them that you will get help back to them. When that family is dramatically saved by the helicopter crews, you will have a direct impact on the saving of those lives and you can carry that knowledge with you for the rest of your life.

You will train on relatively small airplanes during flight school and on a limited number of aircraft as well. But people in the business call the pilot’s license a “license to learn” because from the moment you get that first license, you will be constantly learning how to fly other kinds of aircraft and even getting higher-level certifications to fly transport airplanes or large craft that can carry a larger amount of people. This won’t come the day after you graduate from flight school. But getting that initial pilot’s license is a huge step forward toward moving more quickly to learn about these utility aircraft that can expand your usefulness in crisis situations.

It is when you can fly the larger transport airplanes that you can then kick it up a notch to fly a large amount of supplies into an affected area. The hurricane Katrina situation is a good example because during those first critical days and weeks, so much was needed by people who could not get out of that crisis zone. Your help could save not just a life but hundreds of lives if you are the pilot who helped get those provisions to needy people.

There is something deeply gratifying about using a special talent to help people in need. And when you had to put a lot of yourself out to get that talent like you have to do to get your pilot’s license, using that skill to bring relieve to people is even more meaningful. And if anything makes it worth trying hard to learn to fly, giving a little bit back to mankind sure is that thing.

Your pilot’s license can help mankind! You can make a difference!

You might not be able to save the world, but you can change it for the better. While you’re learning how to fly an airplane, you can also work towards saving lives and protecting the planet.

Recently we’ve been exposed to news and videos about how our planet is getting warmer, and how we need to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth. While it’s hard for us to do this when we’re still using transportation that burns fossil fuels, riding bikes doesn’t cut it either, especially with the amount of resources it takes to make all the parts. That’s why I want to share with you all one of my favorite things in the world: my pilot’s license.

Things to Know When Getting Your Private Pilot’s License


So you see, your pilot’s license can help mankind because flying planes use a lot of fuel (which is not so good for the environment) but at least you’re doing your part by saving money! And if you don’t have money, like me, then you’ll be able to fly for free because of your student discount! Do you see? It all makes sense now!

When people are faced with the colossal task of trying to make it through a large, full life in just one lifetime, it’s sometimes tempting to just give up and wait for death. But that’s no way to live! Instead, figure out a way to help others along their journey. Your pilot’s license can get you there.

What Can You Do with a Private Pilot License?


Get started by simply picking up the phone and calling your local flight school (or taking your computer and heading over to their website). Tell them you’re interested in getting your pilot’s license. The first thing they’ll ask is if you have prior experience, so tell them that you do. They’ll want a little more information about how much time you’ve flown, so make sure you tell them that you’ve logged countless hours of flying time on your Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. They’ll most likely ask how much self-study experience you have with aviation, so be sure to tell them that you’ve been studying for months by reading a flight instruction book for dummies (and even then, it was still pretty hard). You might need proof of citizenship if this is your first time enrolling in a course, so bring in an ID or passport. If you don’t already have one, the school will issue you an FAA student pilot

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