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Research careers and for a piece of real General knowledge.

 Our world is becoming ever more complicated. This impacts on both your personal and professional lives – in the age of Google having good general knowledge is important. Some may say that a statement like that makes no sense, after all, why build up a good general knowledge when information almost every subject under the sun (and beyond) is at our fingertips?

The fact is that although we can access vast amounts of knowledge through the click of a mouse or a tap on a screen, we still need to know what questions to ask and have a general idea of what we find interesting and what others around us might find interesting. That sort of knowledge oils the wheels of social interaction – and a curious mind allows us to integrate knowledge and leverage that knowledge in a variety of ways. Of course, there is also the fact that people tend to be impressed by someone who has information stored in their brains – without having to access that vast store of knowledge that resides on the Internet. Put simply; general knowledge makes us more interesting – and more capable in both our personal and professional lives.


“So how do we go about improving our general knowledge?”

book of general knowledge

A curious mind is useful – however, as a strategy, reading is, without doubt, the best route to improving our knowledge of a variety of subjects. It may seem like an ‘old school’ approach to many, but actually reading a book made of paper can be immensely rewarding.

The Internet may provide us with access to knowledge, but reading on a variety of subjects allows us to identify areas of interest without having to resort to inquiries on a search engine. Peruse second-hand book stores, visit a bookseller, note best selling books that appear on lists in your local newspaper.

If reading print seems like too much of an effort, there are some great audiobooks out there – and many are available for free download.


Many people say that the days of the print media are dead but that a newspaper is still a valuable source of information that will allow you to build up your general knowledge.

Often have opinion pieces and articles on current affairs (local and global) that can oil the wheels of thought – and provide subject matter that can be further investigated.

Television channels are also great sources of information – especially given the huge variety of cable networks and content providers now available.

There are content providers that are producing exceptional, specialized content on a huge variety of subjects, from history, science, and the natural world – the options are almost endless.

news alerts

There is no doubt that technology can help us improve our general knowledge. Use your search engine of choice to sign up for news alerts.

They are delivered to your inbox and offer easy access to information in your areas of interest. Podcasts by a variety of experts are easily available, as are presentations by some of the greatest thinkers of our age (search for TED Talks as a start).

Visit news sites – there are almost too many to count. Add sites that cover a variety of subjects to your favorites list – and visit each regularly.

21st century

Good general knowledge will allow you to cope with the challenges of the 21st century., It also allows you to socialize more easily and add value to any conversation, in either a business or personal setting.

In this age of easy access to information building up your general knowledge is easier than it has ever been before – don’t ignore the opportunity.

“Basic General Knowledge” General Understanding Questions and also Answers

Research careers and for a piece of real General knowledge.

Do you know what you want to do when you grow up? This is a major question that burdens some of us into our 30s. Or possibly even longer. Consider this; you actually have to choose one career path in life and stick to it for a good 40 years.

That’s frightening! What if you realize you don’t like it? What if you change your mind 10 years down the road? These questions can cause all sorts of problems.

By switching a career later in life, you risk losing crucial retirement money, benefits, and more. This is why it’s imperative to research careers diligently before choosing yours.

This is something to consider before choosing a major or specialty study in college. You’ll be glad you did down the road.

general knowledge example

At the beginning of it all, we head off to college with thoughts of partying and exams in mind. These are general aspects of higher education that most of us are aware of. Oh, and let’s not forget about all that darn homework. It’s without a doubt, the worst part. Anyway, it can be tricky choosing a major right off the bat. How can we possibly know which field to choose?

Basic General Knowledge

All we’ve done thus far are crappy minimum wage jobs. Well, it’s like this; you have to consider your interests and fortes. What are you good at and what were you designed for? What’s that one thing you find interesting and enjoyable. Maybe it’s a foreign language and maybe it’s writing. 

easy general knowledge questions and answers

It varies from person to person. Now comes the part where you can begin to research careers more in-depth. Find out what job choices are available to you after college if you choose that English major or BS in chemistry. You can even go so far as to see what starting salaries are expected.

My History of General Knowledge.

Here’s the horror story. I worked with a fellow, who was fresh out of college a few months back. He graduated with his degree of choice and found a position immediately. However, it took him no time at all to realize he despised the work. YIKES! What to do now? Well, he managed a video store and began sorting through his options. What he should have done is research careers pertaining to his degree, prior to attending school for it. Maybe some job shadowing was in order. Don’t make the same mistake he did! Research careers before you acquire that bachelor’s degree.

Awesome Things You Can Learn From General Knowledge.

Increase your memory and speed of learning. Tips on how to increase your general knowledge and intelligence as effectively as possible.

Tip number 1 – Hang around people who are smarter than you

Tip number  2 – Listen to audiobooks instead of music when walking around/traveling etc

Tip number 3 – Make all your other habits more education/learning focused

Tip number 4 – Ask questions & stay inquisitive

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Common Myths About General Knowledge.

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