How do I choose the right ?

The research will help you decide the part about a flight program that will be suitable for you. Research is what makes it harder for you to decide what you want from a specific program. If you are trying to get more information, you can directly contact the school. There are many ways to research a school and look for reviews, Facebook and Instagram pages and ask friends, family members, or acquaintances who have experience with this particular school. For those who can’t find the answers for what they are looking for from a search engine or on social media, it is also important to research various flight schools prior to picking the best one to train for.

Some Flight Training is Better than Others

If you or your child wants to , how successful they will be in reaching that goal may depend to a large extent on the pilot’s license training they get at a local . As with anything else, there are great schools, good schools, and poor schools and you won’t find that evaluation on their web page or in their yellow pages ads. So you will have to learn to evaluate the school before you put down your money for training to .

It might surprise you how many flight schools there are in your area. You can always use the yellow pages to start the search. But there is also an internet site dedicated strictly to helping you with this task. Http:// has listings for every state and links to websites where you can learn more about each school’s facilities.

The two clear cut qualifications that will tell if one school is better than another at teaching you to fly is their depth and knowledge of the airline industry and the technical field of study of aeronautics and how to fly an airplane and their depth and knowledge in the being able to teach others this skill. They may have wonderful pilots with hundreds of hours of flight time but if they don’t know how to teach, they won’t be much good to you. Similarly, they have wonderful teachers who can take you from ignorant to expert in the curriculum but if they don’t have any more than a surface knowledge of what it means to be a pilot, their credibility is questionable.

How To Choose A Flight Training School? | Student Pilot TIPS for BEST Flight School Selection!

The itself should be well equipped to provide the equipment to give you the education in how to be a pilot and to equip the teachers with everything they need. Don’t be shy to inspect the classrooms, the books, and the other equipment that will be needed in ground school to get you ready for the written pilot’s license test you must pass to become a pilot.

But also ask about the airplanes the school has for your training flights and eventually the solo flights you must have to go before the FAA and seek a pilot’s license. The different kinds of airplanes you can train on, the greater your depth of knowledge will be. How old are the airplanes and how many of each kind do they have? You want to know that the airplanes are in good repair and that there are facilities so the school always has planes to take up for your training even if some are in the hangers for inspection or repair.

The same criteria should be asked of the flight instructors and specifically of the instructor who will be your primary mentor for this process. That person should have a good resume of accomplishment both flying for a living and working in the airline industry. You want a seasoned pro to be sitting next to you when you take the controls of an airplane for the first time. But you also want an instructor who has the heart of a teacher. He or she should love passing information to others and taking a roomful of “civilians” and turning them into accomplished pilots.

You have the right to ask a lot of questions. You should get details about costs which will include supplemental costs like books, training materials, fuel surcharges, and flight time fees. By the time your evaluation is done, you should have a firm idea of what the school has to offer and a solid base of knowledge to use to compare flight schools. From there you can make the right choice who will be teaching you to take to the air and fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming a pilot.

Find THE BEST Flight School | The ULTIMATE GUIDE

Can I go to flight school and work full time?

Yes, you can go to flight school and work full time. I did it! Before I went to flight school I was an attorney. Now I am a full-time professional pilot. It worked for me, but the only way you will know if it is possible for you is if you try. The answer to this question is not that simple though. It depends on many things. What are your qualifications? How much do you want to fly? What kind of job are you willing to give up?

If all you want to do is get your license so that you can fly recreationally on the weekends, then working full time while going to school part-time will be fine. If however, you want to get hired by an airline or charter company right after training, then working full time while going to school full time may not be possible. Many companies require that their pilots have at least 1500-2000 hours of total flight time before they are hired. Depending on where you live, how long it takes you to get through your training program, and how many hours of flying experience you have prior to starting the program; this could take anywhere from 18 months-5 years or longer! I started my flight training when I was in my early 30’s and already had a

Yes. There is a way to do this. It is not easy. It will probably be harder than you think. But if you have the right stuff, it can be done.

Is full-time flight training better than part

My question is not about the need to do a thorough job when you train. The question I want to be answered is: Is it better to do your training full time?

Most instructors and courses take the position that full-time training is necessary for safety and success. I am looking at some of the arguments they use to try to prove their point, but I have some concerns about them.

I started my training with a part-time program at my local airport under Part 141. It was conducted by one of the most highly respected CFI’s in our area. The program was very well run, but it had its shortcomings too. My logbook shows that I soloed after 31 hours of dual, which included 3 hours of night flying, but no cross country. A couple of years later I decided to do it again, this time with a full-time instructor at a large training center where they offered me a scholarship because I was starting late in life (52) and didn’t have much experience. The course was conducted under Part 141 and consisted of 55 hours of dual, 2 hours on spins before soloing, plus 8 hours of night flying. That makes 41 hours of actual instruction versus 31 for the on-your-own arrangement. How did that extra 10 hours

When I was looking for flight training, I had to decide between part-time and full-time training. I chose full-time, but I know several people who chose part-time.

The main reason was money; the cost of living is lower if you spend your days off studying instead of flying. But there are other considerations as well. You can get more sleep during part-time training than full-time. And you don’t have to spend all that time away from home on airplanes.

Flight school: Full time vs part-time training

I came to flight school with a friend, and we were both enrolled in the part-time program. We thought this would be a good way to ease into it: we would gradually get used to ground school and solo and so on, and then perhaps after a couple of months do our solo cross-country flights.

It didn’t work out that way. After a few days of classes, it was clear that we were going to find it very hard not to fly. Ground school was interesting; the idea that there were things you could learn about how an airplane flies was exciting; and as soon as we got in the airplane we knew we would never want to stop flying. So we switched to the full-time program.

The first difference between us and the people who had started in the full-time program was self-selection: they wanted to be pilots more than we did. But there’s another difference: they were able to learn faster because they weren’t dividing their attention between flying and ground school.

Our instructors had no idea how well or how badly we were doing compared with each other--they only knew which of us had done better on any given flight because most of our flights are with an instructor sitting next to us. That meant our performance

I read that the pilots of the Navy’s Blue Angels squad train full time, and that they will be training in preparation for the air show season. I was surprised: in my experience, in order to learn a difficult skill, part-time practice is better than full-time practice. If you want to get good at juggling, it makes more sense to juggle for an hour or so a day than to juggle eight hours a day.


How many days a week is a flight school?

My friend was flying gliders. He said he didn’t know what to do with his life. I asked him how many days a week is a flight school. “A flight school?” he said. “You mean for training pilots?” “Yeah,” I said. “How many days a week is it?” “It’s hard to say,” he said. “Some people go five days a week, some go three.” “So what’s the most common number of days?” I asked. He shrugged. “Four, I guess.” “And what’s the least common number?” I asked. “I don’t know,” he said. “One, maybe?” I nodded. “So what are you doing now? How many days a week are you at your job?” He thought about it for a second, then smiled ruefully and said, “Five.”

“Flight school” is a term that has become ambiguous; it is used for schools that provide training to future pilots, and also for schools that provide training to future flight instructors. The latter kind of school is sometimes also called an “instructional flying club”. A CFI needs only a sport pilot certificate, so does not need to be employed by an FAA-certified school.

This explains why I don’t know how many days a week my flight school will be open. I don’t have enough information to answer the question yet. It depends on what my business plan is. If I have my own airplane, then the flight school could be open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If I lease airplanes, then it probably would be open fewer days per week. If I lease airplanes and have them maintained by someone else, then it would close on whatever days are necessary for maintenance work.


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