You Can Make Your Dream of Flying a Reality.

There is a club that formed a number of years ago which gave its association the strange name of “The Man Will Never Fly Society”. This group of skeptics, it turns out, is a frivolous group whose real charter is to get together and drink. Most reasonable people know that not only does man fly but almost everyone has flown as a passenger in some form or another in their lives.

But you and I could be part of the “I will never fly society”. If you have often wondered if it would be possible for you to get your own pilot’s license and actually find an airplane all by yourself, it really does seem like a dream that is far out of reach.

We all have dreams. And while in childhood we might dream of being King Arthur’s knight or a fairy princess, those dreams pass. But some dreams may start in childhood and stay with us for a long time. Those dreams may be more than just childhood fantasies. They may be a deep inner voice telling you your destiny in life. And for a lot of people, that dream of flying never goes away, even if you stop talking about it when you “grow up”.

That dream you have of one day learning to fly may be that inner child in you telling you that this is something you were born to do and to be fulfilled as a person, you must indeed someday fly. That doesn’t mean you are going to become a full-time pilot of a major jumbo jet, although if that is your destiny, that’s great. Maybe being able to fly will enable you to do good things for a charitable organization. Perhaps it will free you to see the world or to do some good for someone that you cannot even imagine right now. Whatever the case is, it might be time to find out what is holding you back from going after that dream and get you moving down that path to see the dream become a reality.

In a lot of cases, we get intimidated when we peek into the cockpit of an aircraft maybe after a commercial flight and all of those dials and levers seem overwhelming. You look at that pilot and you think, “How can he keep it all straight?” And when you feel that urge to fly an airplane, you think that it’s impossible because how could you ever conquer the technical knowledge needed to operate a complicated thing like an airplane?

Just as often the thing holding us back is just not knowing where to start. We fear that the society of pilots is an elite race and that we just don’t have the stuff to fit in. Insecurity, fear of trying, fear of failing, and fear that we aren’t smart enough are all ingredients that keep you always wondering and never going for it. However, when we begin to replace those fears with reality, we see a whole different picture emerge.

The truth is that the path to learning to fly is one that is well-known and well-tested. In fact, thousands of people every year learn by going to a local flight school and taking a few classes, and then sitting with a skilled trainer to learn to take an airplane up and fly. It not only is possible, but it’s also relatively easy to do and the schools are ready and willing to give you the knowledge and skills to realize your dream. All you have to do is pick up the phone and get the ball rolling. And within a few weeks, you too could be flying above the clouds, just like that kid in you always dreamed of.

Start by researching what is required to get a pilot license.

What is a pilot license?

How do you get a pilot license?

What are the benefits of having a pilot license?

What are the costs of getting a pilot license?

How long does it take to get a pilot license?

What are the risks of flying without a pilot license?

For those who have their hearts set on becoming a pilot, there’s never been a better time to pursue your dreams. There’s really no better way to see the world than from above, and if you can make your way into the cockpit of an airplane, you can help yourself to beautiful views from just about anywhere. And domestic or international travel isn’t the only perk of being a pilot—you also get to meet people from around the world and experience all kinds of cultures in person!


Start by researching what is required to get a pilot license.


In order to become a pilot, though, you need to go through rigorous training and classes. While taking a few classes here and there will be helpful—and not too difficult—you’ll need to commit most of your time to learn



about the industry and preparing for your exams.

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