Everybody likes to have a great performance when it comes to pleasing their partners. People want a longer duration and with greater consistency. Unfortunately, there are just days when we fall short of our desires because of being hampered by the many duties that call our attention. These duties drain people of energy, energy that is necessary to have a great night. Therefore, if you are having intimacy issues, it is necessary to recognize that you might need to step up your game. And with a few simple steps, you can achieve exactly that.

Now you might be thinking that it would be a lot less trouble if you just popped some little blue pills. That is of course, your choice. However, it would be useful to note that there is more to sex other than being able to raise your flagpole. This is not your only option after all, and there are other methods which can allow you to rely mostly on yourself or in much more natural methods such as Maca Powder from the maca plant. These methods can do what you want and much more by enhancing your endurance and improving your enjoyment of the experience as you are meant to be.


Regardless of what you may feel about exercising, it is irrefutable fact that endurance and the quality of sexual performance have a direct correlation with how fit a person is. So really, if you are thinking that you don’t need to pump some sweat in order to please your partner, then you are very much mistaken. Then again, this does not mean that you need to have some humongous biceps and be able to complete a triathlon in order to be good in bed. You simply need to have a decent amount of muscle to fat ratio, a good cardiac system and a well reinforced skeletal structure.

To this end, some simple workout routines will do like push up, jump ropes, pull ups, squats and the like, and you don’t even need to spend that much time to do them. A few minutes would suffice and that is just enough time that people will not be able to deny in having.

Eat healthy

Putting away a dozen cheeseburgers, a bucket of fries and a gallon of ice cream a night does not a great lover make. There needs to be proper balance in your nutrition, which is a pretty big thing if you want to last and make your partner climax. Reduce the processed foods and try to stick with natural ones. Eat twice a day instead of skipping meals, or three times a day if you are going to have a busy day. At the same time, do not overeat. You may begrudge the loss of your cake, but your partner will ever be grateful.

Maca powder

While the artificial supplements that have been thoroughly advertised might get you where you need to go eventually, Maca Powder will make the whole journey so much better. A product from Peru and Bolivia, the products from the maca plant from which Maca Powder comes from is known as one of nature’s most powerful aphrodisiac. But aside from the arousing effects that it provides, it is also a potent energy stimulant which can make you last the whole way through.

If you are averse to taking supplements to assist you though, do not worry. It’s just like taking your daily vitamins with the added effect of making you an incredible performer in bed. It also provides ample energy throughout the day. So Check Here if you are interested and want more information regarding this product.

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