Ninety- nine percent of the time pregnant woman will develop stretch marks while they are pregnant and after giving birth.  Stretch mark is a medical condition where the dermis layer of the skin is unable to cope up with the rapid changes of the body. These rapid changes occur when one gains or losses weight fast.  Obese people, people who’re doing intense workout, and those that are pregnant, are the once who are highly vulnerable to this condition. Also known as stiae gravidarum, this medical condition can easily be avoided and treated if done properly.

In the case of pregnant woman, stretch marks occur in the abdomen. But in most cases it can also appear in different parts of the body like the breast and thighs, buttocks and hips. There are also those that appear on different parts of the body and more than 80 percent of pregnant woman experiences this. Now let us determine the very reason why pregnant woman are highly vulnerable to stretch marks.

As we all know, when a woman gets pregnant she will eventually gain weight. Stretch marks usually occur during at the late trimesters of pregnancy but there are those who get them right away the moment their bellies develop. It is important to maintain a good habit of taking care of your skin before and during pregnancy. This is so that you will not easily have those nasty marks, or you will have them to a minimal.

Before pregnancy you should have taken care of your skin already. Applying lotions every day, eat healthy foods, exercise and protect your skin from the sun. These basic means to keep your skin healthy is important and you should continue it while you are pregnant.

But despite the routines and the caution you took, you still have those marks. Well, it’s not your fault because one way or another you will have them anyway. Here are some of the reasons why pregnant woman tends to have stretch marks:

  • If it had happen to you some time before, it is more likely that it will happen again.
  • If you are on your second pregnancy and you happen to have those marks on your first child, you will have a greater chance of having them again.
  • If notice a dramatic change in your weight while being pregnant you are also prone to this condition.
  • If you are not taking care of your skin and you do not drink enough water, you are also susceptible to stretch marks.

Most women would agree that it is unpleasant and anti-social having all those marks in your body. That is why even it is not health threatening a lot of skin conscious would do all it takes to prevent this from happening. But there are certain occasions that we cannot avoid. Therefore, learning the methods to remove stretch marks is very important.



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