If you are interested in diet supplements then unless you have been a hermit locked away for the past few months you will have heard about raspberry ketones. These supplements seem to have come from nowhere to be a major talking point in the weight loss industry.

The simple facts are that raspberry ketones have been used in medicines for hundreds of years and because they are developed from delicious red raspberries, are completely natural and are understood to be an aid to weight loss. Many years ago, people knew how good and nutritious a food source raspberries are. It has only been in recent history that Raspberry Ketones have been identified as the key element that helps you lose weight. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) in 1965 gave their approval for the use of raspberry ketone supplements as an aid to losing weight. If you were thinking that the excitement about raspberry ketones was all hype then think again.

If you think about it, if the ketones are in fresh raspberries then why can’t you just eat enough of these to get the daily dosage you need to help you lose weight? The answer to that is that to get the daily dosage you need for effective weight loss you would need to eat 90lbs or more of raspberries! I like raspberries but eat 90lbs of them – no thanks! That is the reason why raspberry ketone supplements have become extremely popular as you can take the required amount in easy to swallow tablet form.

Why do they work?

Raspberry ketones work by increasing the metabolism and reduce blood sugar through suppressing the appetite. Hormones are also released into your body – norepinephrin and adipnonectin. This means when you take the supplements you will not feel as hungry and your increased metabolism will help burn off any excess calories thus helping remove fat from your body in a process that scientists refer to as lipolysis.

One of the best things about raspberry ketone supplements is that the concentrated ketones are completely natural meaning there are no side effects. There are many drugs out there that can be taken to lose weight but are dangerous and can have very nasty side effects. There is no reason to take a risk with your health to lose weight so consider taking a raspberry ketone supplement long term to lose that excess weight you may be carrying.

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