If your thing is spending time in the outdoors, whether you’re a hunter, a hiker or survivalist, in order to be as prepared as possible for anything you might experience outdoors, the proper equipment is necessary. While there are many things that you might want to consider bringing along with you, one of the most important tools that you can take with you is a knife. For the quintessential outdoor knife you want to look at Piranha knives, more pointedly the Piranha Excalibur.

Piranha Body

The body of the Piranha Excalibur knife is created from aircraft alloy giving it a rugged and sturdy construction. In addition, the body of the Piranha OTF knife comes in two different styles. You can choose the black carbon alloy or, for hunting applications, you could choose the camouflaged body as well.

Piranha Blades

Perhaps the most difficult choice when purchasing the Excalibur is choosing the type of blade but you want. While each Piranha knife offers a 3.2 inch blade when extended, you’ll find that there will be different types of blades. You can choose a wire bead blade, a Tanto point blade or a serrated blade.

In addition to the types of blades that will be offered with the Piranha, you’ll also have options when it comes to the finish of these blades. You can have a mirrored or chrome finish, a brushed stainless steel finish, a camouflage blade or a black carbonized finish for your blade. The decision you make for your blade will largely depend upon the blades application.

Piranha Features

When it comes to features, much like the Piranha Amazon blade, the Excalibur offers a wide range features that make this popular blade comes with. With this being an out the front knife, the action is very good. Slide the trigger and the blade extends from the body of the nine very quickly. Slide the trigger back in the blade retracts and locks in to the body with similar speed.

With its solid stainless steel construction as well as stainless steel pans screws, the Excalibur embodies a very rugged and well-designed knife. Lastly, this blade is constructed entirely in the United States and it comes with a Piranha limited lifetime warranty. In addition, with prices ranging from $370 to around $400, you’re not likely to find this sort of quality and other OTF knives.

The Excalibur versus the Piranha Amazon

Knife Extension: The Excalibur is an out the front knife. The Amazon is a side knife.

The Blade: The Excalibur offers a dagger style blade while the Amazon features a drop point blade.

Price: The Excalibur is much more expensive than the Amazon.

If you’re looking for quality blade for any outdoor usage, you should seriously consider the Excalibur. With its sturdy construction, it’s several different finishes it looks, this knife should be one to look at when you’re looking for a rugged and dependable knife for your outdoor needs.

About the Author: Dustin Williams is an outdoor adventure enthusiast. He loves spending his time roughing it outdoors, camping, hunting and fishing. He is also a collector of knives and knows a good knife when he sees it.

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