Many Australians have a passion for Christmas lights and 2012 is no different when Australian residents bring joy to the streets at Christmas time. Most people have large Christmas trees and each year they usually add more decoration pieces which include the latest trendy lights. Many residents not only decorate an indoor Christmas tree but also decorate the home exterior with beautiful light features which is not only a positive contribution for the community and also part of a long standing lighting street culture. People travel far and wide and from one suburb to another just to view some of these spectacular displays and Christmas lighting features.

Australians that follow the Christmas light culture usually start putting up their lights from around September in their homes and then start decorating the outside throughout November. There are residents that display around one hundred thousand lights each festive season which can be seen from hill tops and miles around. Each year the broken lights have to be replaced and people add the newest and latest designs of which are now LED lights that are more eco friendly options. Some go to the extent of spending over $2000 or more annually on new Christmas lighting additions.

The selection of Christmas lights and decorations is phenomenal as gardens comprise of lit reindeer and Santa’s suspended in trees, Christmas figurines and lights, blow up decorations, interactive sleighs and cut outs. Some even go so far as to create snow rooms which comprise of a lit up Santa in a sleigh, snowing Christmas trees and penguins with the room being filled with various different Xmas lighting effects. Indoors some people decorate each room using a different theme such as a room filled with Disney features and soft toys and another room would have various different coloured Christmas trees with each trees cover with the same coloured tinsel and lights.

Many create interactive window displays where visitors viewing these displays can push buttons which in turn will create a figurine movement or the lights to change direction. The 2012 talk of the towns is about the latest LED Christmas lights which have recently become a huge issue in Australia. As opposed to traditional lights LED Xmas lights are extremely efficient and only use around ten percent of power and are an environmentally friendly option. You can view the new innovative LED Christmas lights selection at which comes in a variety of styles, colours and shapes.

LED Christmas light in comparison to the incandescent traditional lights is a little more expensive, although in the long term you will be saving on electric bills as well as annual replacements as LED lights last much longer than there counterparts. This Xmas LED drip lights, fixtures and controllers, will be replacing many of the old style traditional lights. The LED Christmas lights due to there ambience and energy efficiency will definitely be driving the LED 2012 Xmas season in Australia. You will only need to use 12 to 13 watts which now replaces the 60 watt incandescent.

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