Rugs have long been ameans to decorate a room.  They offer warmth and comfort and can take an ordinary room and update it into a room thatis elegant or airy.  There are many different materials such as wool and bamboo. Bamboo rugs are new to many consumers and offer all the decorating benefits of an area rug, with the added benefit of being eco-friendly.

Styles of Bamboo Rugs in Australia

Bamboo rugs make agreat addition to any room, as they come in neutral colors.  The appearance of bamboo rugs is similar to hardwood and they are a very easy to care for, as well as, durable.  You’ll find that when you shop bamboo rugs Australia there is a great variety of natural colors to choose.  Borders of the rugs can be chosen in neutral or contrasting tones.

Care for Bamboo Rugs

Care for bamboo rugsis the same as care for wood flooring, but not quite as intense.  You will need to know if your rug has been treated with a protective clear coat.  Ifthey have then your bamboo rug can be washed and waxed.

For natural bamboo  rugs, you will need to use cleaners and waxes sparingly.  Vacuum your bamboo rugs regularly and to spot clean, use mild soap.

Styles of Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs include all sorts of styles from shags to wools.  Shags are a popular rug because they add a great deal of comfort to any bedroom in the home.  Wool rugs offer a simple pattern made fromwool fibers and are warm and soft which can create a much more dramatic look than the shag.

Benefits of Wool

The best choice in a contemporary rug is one constructed of all natural wool which is known for itsair neutralizing qualities.  Wool is also a material that is quite durable and easy to care for, and stands up well in high traffic areas.

Caring for YourContemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs will need regular vacuuming.  If the rugis wool then vacuuming twice a week should be scheduled so that humidity and odors do not absorb into the rug.  If the rugs are in high traffic areas, clean them professionally annually.  For spot cleaning, always use a mild treatment such as soap and water and always test spot an area.

Rugs can be purchasedfor all rooms in the home and are an addition that can add warmth and beauty tothe home.  To make the illusion of alighter room, choose light colors that will make the room appear airy.  To add warmth and elegance to a room, choose darker colors.  To accessorize a room, choose colors of similar colors of the paint and wallpaper.

Rugs can also be purchased in all price ranges from a few dollars into the tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size, quality and style of the rug, and online is one of the best shopping houses tofind a variety of rugs Australia in all size, shapes, and styles.

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