Your first thought when you hear the word “air mattress” is the familiar camp scene, with the pump up air mattress.  While these air mattresses still exist (and they have greatly improved through the years!) twin mattresses or air beds as they are also called are also available on the market and a true advancement in a comfortable mattress.  The mattress is not constructed of the same material as the camp mattresses.

Today’s air beds are often used in guest rooms, and there are some comparable limitations between air beds and a standard bed.

Let’s take a look at the twin air mattress.  Twin air mattresses are much cheaper than a standard mattress.  When you begin to consider that the mattress is mostly made up of air, it is understandable that it should be considerably less expensive.  Consumers that find themselves on a limited budget will definitely find air beds a much better cost alternative to standard mattresses. Aside from cost, there are other pros and cons of the twin air mattress, which are outlined below.

Pros of the Twin Air Mattress

• Easy to move- the mattress is so light homeowners will not have troubles moving the mattress from one area to another.  This is great when making the bed, or the room.

• Because the air mattress is mostly air, it can easily be stored- therefore, used for a second bed for company and tucked away when the company’s gone.

• The air mattress is portable and can be carried anywhere!

• The mattress is a cost alternative to a standard mattress.

• The mattress is a space saver.

• Air mattresses can be helpful for persons with disabilities or injuries.


Cons of the Twin Air Mattress

• The mattresses have to be properly cared for, or they can be damaged.

• Quality of materials and construction is important or you may find that the air mattress is not as comfortable as standard mattresses.  Also, the twin is not quite as comfortable as larger sized air mattresses.

• The market is flooded with low quality air mattresses, which makes it difficult for consumers that have not done their homework to choose one that is a good choice.
What To Remember When Shopping for a Twin Air Mattress

• Quality twin air mattresses will be constructed of durable fabric with latex rubber air chambers.

• The mattress should also feature a firmness controllers and electric pump.

• Air mattresses made of vinyl are the worst choice in material for an air mattress.  It is less durable and can easily be damaged.  The comfort level is also lower than air mattresses constructed of other materials.

• Twin air mattress and larger sized air mattresses are less expensive when purchased online.

• When you shop for a twin air mattress, make certain that you shop from a reputable vendor and purchase a trusted brand-name. This will ensure that you are able to return the product, should there be a problem, and that the mattress is offered with a warranty.

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