Learning to drive is expensive. But the good is, when you’ve passed you won’t need to do it ever again. Then you’ll have other things to worry about, like running a car for example. Here are a few things to think about when looking into getting driving lessons.

Like everything in life, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. Paying a pound or two more per hour might be a good investment in the long-run. It’s far more important to find a driving school you like, and an instructor you get along with. So, do a bit of research first. Ask about pass-rates and customer satisfaction, rather than just the hourly cost of driving lessons. Meet the instructor, maybe have a trial lesson or two, and don’t be afraid to switch schools or instructors if it doesn’t seem to be going well. Learning styles differ, and so do instructing styles. Not everyone suits everyone. Instructors have thick skins, and it’ll never hurt if you work with two or more while you’re learning.

Prepare yourself in mind and body. You’ll get a lot more out of your lessons if you’re feeling bright and alert. If you can, book your driving lessons for a time of day when you’ll be feeling your best. If you’re lessons are booked for when you come home from work, school or college, give yourself a bit of time to relax beforehand. A glass of water and a banana, or a snack of your choice will also help. It’s never easy to learn when you’re hungry and dehydrated.

Manage your expectations and your motivation. There are a lot of different aspects to driving a car, like eye and body coordination, road sense, the rules and regulations, and the little things an examiner will be looking for to show you’re aware of what’s going on around you. Everybody reaches a point in learning to drive when they feel they’ll never get there. Usually this will happen in the first few driving lessons. That feeling of despair is perfectly normal, and you will get over it, so don’t give up.

Don’t leave your theory test in any doubt. Everything you learn when revising your theory is vital information for drivers. You won’t get tested on everything, but you should know it all. Prepare well, get someone to test your knowledge, and do this over again until success is guaranteed.

Relax as much as you can about the test itself. There’s no shame in failing, and you can take it again as many times as you like. Nobody will ever hold it against you. Try not to stress too much about failing. Ironically, you’re far more likely to pass then.

When (not if) you pass, take you Pass Plus with the same driving school as soon as you can. This’ll give you a good grounding in different road types and driving conditions. The main attraction will be cheaper car insurance, but more importantly, it’ll make you a safer driver.

After becoming a fully-qualified driver, you’ll probably forget all the emotional highs and lows of driving lessons and tests, most people do. Just enjoy the freedom of driving. Good luck.

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