“It took One Seed to make a difference!” – “One Seed” – a children’s story and song by Rosemary Phillips, performed by Rosemary and “The Seeds”. (For just the song with lyrics go to youtu.be .) For FREE PDF sheet music visit www.oneseedstory.com. The video format follows that of a live presentation in schools. It features the read-along story and sing-along song along with examples of the “One Seed” Kid’s Art Gallery, some very important questions for children to answer about seeds, and examples of seeds as ideas the Wright Brothers and the first plane; Alexander Graham Bell and the first telephone. “One Seed” is for the home, classrooms and school assemblies. It is about seeds and what comes from a seed; and it is as a metaphor for being different, making a difference, having courage, ideas, hope. It is perfect for Spring and Earth Day presentations. “One Seed” can also be a play. “One Seed” is the story (and song) about a seed that decided to grow on the desert when all the other seeds said it was impossible and couldn’t be done. It is a story about courage, hope, being different, making a difference, and of course, about growing seeds. It is a story that has been used in schools in several countries around the world as a play and for classroom and assemblies. See www.oneseedstory.com for presentation outlines and suggestions for classroom discussion, and how to turn One Seed into a class play. The One Seed story is also available in French as “Une Petite Graine” and in

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