When companies decide to develop web based applications, one of the things that that they will want to decide is whether or not to use Java, ASP.NET or some other technology. Many choose ASP.NET because the client software works very well inside a Windows environment. Those who choose to run ASP.NET web applications will want to choose go with a hosting provider that is able to provide native Windows ASP.net web hosting.

Although it is possible to do Windows ASP.net hosting with a Linux box via workarounds, there are some disadvantages to that approach. First of all, there will be a significant performance penalty for trying to run ASP.NET from Linux instead of Windows. Secondly, it may not be as secure since there will be exposure to Linux based attacks as well as the Windows based ones. Finally, the application may not be as robust since it is not running in a native environment. In short, ASP.net hosting belongs on a Windows box rather than on a Linux box.

When running a website with Windows ASP.net web hosting, there should be access to some specific software. First of all, there needs to be access to the basic ASP application framework. It is also very helpful to have FrontPage to make it easy to to create and upload web pages onto the website. Of course, the .NET software framework is needed for web applications in order to provide for connectivity. Native database software such as Access and MSSQL need to be available. Finally, it may be helpful to have software related for Windows streaming media. In short, Windows web hosting requires access to a lot of Microsoft software in order for the website to run well with full feature. That why it is important to choose the right provider.

Cost is an important consideration when looking at hosting services. Because the software listed above from Microsoft is not free in some cases, that is one of the reasons why hosting via Windows costs more money. However, ASP.NET applications will run much better with less problems and time wasted if they’re running on the native Windows platform. The extra cost is generally well worth it. In many cases, there may not be any workarounds if the website owner tries to run it under a Linux environment.

In conclusion, the use of Windows proprietary application means that the best hosting solution is one that includes Windows ASP.NET. Those who are not using an ASP.NET should choose a hosting solution based upon price and features, which may make Linux based solution the preferred choice.

About the Author: Dustin Williams is an IT Professional who currently works in the web hosting industry for a global web hosting provider. He has been working in the IT field for almost 10 years. Visit MidPhase.com to learn more about Windows ASP.net web hosting.

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