So once I found out that you could using Translate, I decided to try and layer a load of sounds together and create a song with them! I don’t think anyone has tried to make a video like this before… Thanks to for the suggestion to make this video 😀 The crazy beaver stuff was from a conversation I had with my friend Mike over MSN about 8 years ago. It was a weird conversation 😛 If you want to try this for yourself, then goto Translate and change the translation language fron English to German, and then type this: bk bk bschk th th bk th bschk th th bk bk bschk th th bk th bschk Then press “” – You can use these commands to create your own . If you make one, post it as a response to this and I’ll accept it 🙂 labschk = snare pv = brush bk = bass tk = flam1 vk = roll tap kt = flam2 kttp = flam tap pv = short roll th = better hi hat thp, ds = instant rimshot. – Thanks to for doing the animations!

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