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The world is becoming increasingly competitive and every minute is counted in terms of money. In the present-day situation, advertising and marketing are considered the only two mediums that can be economically very draining as well as can result in huge financial gain. Both of these are unanimously regarded worldwide for their high-end productivity and handsome financial returns. No matter how small a business is, marketing proves to be very helpful in increasing the profits of an organization and is capable of producing remarkable results overnight. Marketing indicates well-formulated and detailed planning that is prepared meticulously and execution of the ideas included in the plan for producing good business. So considering the importance of this aspect it has indeed become the need of the hour to establish the presence of a brand with the help of marketing. There is no better way to enhance the customer base, reputation, and brand image of a company than by marketing itself. Marketing is a pricey phenomenon and involves huge costs. It becomes very profitable and exciting for an organization if it gets a continual flow of great .

Talking in this context a number of interesting options have been talked about. The following passage throws light on these topics.

  • Ever heard of performance marketing-This can be a great marketing idea, which involves no cost at all. It has started gaining recognition as an important marketing strategy in the growing world of internet marketing. Unlike other forms of promotion, performance marketing is paid only on the basis of its performance. The working of this concept involves creating a website for the promotion and sale of products of other companies. Only after that, a complete transaction takes place a performance publisher is being paid. So get started with performance marketing and forget all money worries.
  • The second option gives the choice of associating and offering friendly assistance to a local kid’s apparel and shoe store. This is practically free marketing but is sure to offer profitable results.
  • It is indeed a good idea to build friendly relations with the local gynecologist workers who work at the maternity ward and attend patients there. Tell them to inform you the next time when a new baby is born. This is indeed the easiest marketing option and involves no cost at all. Just when a couple of months are over the families of the newborn babies can be contacted for offering services which they will need at that time.
  • When the capital or the initial investment for establishing a business is less in the amount a few aspects need to be taken into consideration which is- increasing the amount of savings, realizing that the stock of goods is equivalent to money and they cannot be kept idle because unless and until they are sold there will be no profits and lastly comes the ability to enhance savings.
  • Distribution of pamphlets and flyers to local school parents and PTA meetings. This serves to be an effective marketing policy and it is totally free of cost. There are times when the local childcare providers do not have enough seats for accepting new entrants. Parents can contact the organization whose contact number is provided in the leaflets for availing of their service.
  • Posting flyers to different Retirement Centers and Assisted Living Centers proves to be a helpful marketing option. The strategy really works because the old people who stay in such establishments helps in building contact with the service providers and their prospective clients. It happens because most of these old people are grandparents of the children whose parents need the service of these organizations. The grandparents can mention the name of the organizations whose contact number is given in the flyers to the parents and can advise them to avail of their service for their children. There can be a more effective way if the service provider can prepare an informal presentation at their client’s home to strengthen their reliability and efficiency.
  • Client referral is another important form of marketing that is inexpensive and helps in giving good results. If a person is fully satisfied with a service that he availed, he can suggest the name of that service provider to his friends and relatives. Thus,” Referrals” serves to be a cost-effective medium for promoting one’s business or brand.

About Author: Deepak Sharma is the project manager with the IT Support Company of San Francisco Bay Area,  Fixtro.  His company provides telecom and network support for small size businesses. Deepak helps his small business client’s design an overall marketing strategies instead of focusing on “SEO aka Search Engine Optimization”. His mantra is that SEO is a small part of online marketing and should be treated in the same manner.  You can learn more about his marketing strategies on his small business technology blog.

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