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Free loans often involve some type of monetary gift from a government-funded program, a scholarship, or even from close contact, friend or family member. Most of the time a free loan doesn’t always have to be paid back-especially those that are gifts from specific programs.

There are several types of free loans available for those who are looking for extra cash to fund their education, medical expenses, or other types of personal types of life events. Students can check with their high school or college professors if they are in search of educational scholarships or government-funded grants. Those in search of medical help may check with their doctor or local hospital about applying for specific programs to assist them in paying for medical bills.

Some types of free loans for education include financial aid and MAP grants. Students must visit their local financial aid office within their college institution. They often have access to applications and information on how to apply. Another website, offers a guide to government grants and loans that benefit students. Students can also visit the FAFSA website to learn more about applying for financial aid too:

Free loans are helpful for those who have a low monthly income and are struggling to make ends meet. There are often free loans for utility assistance through government programs such as LIHEAP. Other free loans available are those that can help assist with paying monthly rent or mortgage payments. In order to find out more of these programs, interested applicants must check with their local outreach agencies or local township. They often may have information on such available programs. When applying for this type of grants (or free loans), they do not have to be repaid. Such grants are based on monthly gross income that a household has. For those looking for local government agencies, there is a web-page available that lists several of them:

If you are borrowing money from close contact, friend, or family member, then it is often advisable to create a contract between the person giving the money and then the recipient. If there are repayment guidelines, then it should be listed within the written contract. If the one who loans the money does not require any payback of the loan, then it should also state that in the guidelines. Once a contract has been written up for a free loan, then it is ideal to have it recorded so that it will be considered a legal document. This will also prevent any misunderstandings later in the future too.

For times that you find that you or your family are struggling, then free loans can be a blessing. By contacting the correct resources and doing your research, you can find local government agencies and programs that are willing to give you a financial boost when you need it. While living on free money is not a permanent way to live, it can help you get back on your feet again.

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