Is Useful But Dangerous And Must Be Used With Caution

is used every day by the majority of the population. This energy source is important to us, but can also be quite dangerous. Therefore, electrical safety is crucial.

There are a few common hazardous sources to be aware of. Of course for a certified electrician working on an electrical power system has many risks. However, unlike the general population, these individuals are at least trained and familiar with and its dangers. For those less familiar, here are some things to be cautious around. For starters, when the skin is wet or sweaty, you are at a higher risk for electrical shock. Therefore, when at home, be cautious in your bathroom. The safe bathroom features power sources away from sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Radios are another electrical device to be wary of when bathing.

A common household item that can be a hazard is extension cords. To ensure safety, simply check for cracks in the plastic surrounding the cord and plugs. If this type of damage is present, it is time to replace the extension cord. Power tools can be yet another electrical hazard. Just like with extensions cords, if there is any damage to the plastic that protects the wiring or if the tool does not function properly, it is time to replace it.

Another potential hazard area is around swimming pools. If operating a radio or other electrical device near your pool, be sure that your outdoor power source is one that is Ground-Fault Current Interrupting (GFI or GFCI). These are capable of detecting shock.

Lastly, and perhaps the hazardous electric source our population is aware of, are downed power lines. The amount of electricity flowing through power lines is very apparent when they are downed. Often times you will be able to see and hear sparks coming from the downed line. These are so strong that they can break through concrete. If you come into contact with a downed power line, stay away and do not touch anything nearby, such as a tree or fence. Notify the local electric utility and call 911. Downed power lines are very dangerous.

Electricity is something used every day; therefore, electrical safety is very important. Remember, not only is electric shock dangerous and very harmful to the body, but it can also cause death. To ensure safety, be aware of your surroundings, and use proper caution in potentially hazardous areas. This simple awareness can save lives.

Electrical Safety Tips For Kids

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