Immense Z. Dunk Plays Fez (Let’s play Fez). Season 2: Episode 8. A lets play on the game Fez. Translate the alphabet using the sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” this sentence was used back in the day to test typewriters as it uses every letter in the alphabet. You can now subscribe to the Show for Dunk Plays Fez (Lets Play) to make sure you never miss an episode: These episodes are recorded a few days ahead of release time, so if I say or solve something in an episode that you’ve commented about on a previous episode and I’ve made it seem like I have solved it myself, its probably because I have & you’ve commented after I have made that actual episode and its just not been released yet. Anyway I thank anyone who helps with ideas & I still welcome them in the comments, as you guys may have seen something I haven’t spotted 😀 I also watch the videos back after recording, so anything I have seen that I may have missed whilst playing, I will probably pick up on within the next few episodes. Aspiring to produce more than just Call Of Duty content, that video range is way to over saturated now. Really enjoying doing Commentaires at the moment 😀 If your simply subscribed to me for Call Of Duty content, please dont dislike the video just don’t watch it if your not interested. I know I’m not a very good commentator, but I want to get better. Watch Motionless Trailer – Follow me on twitter to keep up to date with info & new



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