The iPhone digitizer is an extremely sensitive component, highly susceptible to breakages. If you happen to drop your iPhone by mistake, it is highly possible that the digitizer gets shattered. If you recently damaged the digitizer of your iPhone in a similar inopportune accident, you’ve got three different options for repairing it – taking it to the Apple Genius Bar, sending it to the local iPhone repair service, or attempting to fix it yourself using the DIY approach. All the three options have their own pros and cons. But considering the fact that repairs are charged heavily at the Apple Genius Bar and that the DIY approach is risky, the second option of using the services of iPhone repair professionals is usually recommended for cracked repairs.

However, before we proceed to go in-depth of the pros and cons of each of the above three options, here is an important thing that you must know when it comes to repairing the broken digitizer of an iPhone. Sometimes, to your amazement, it might happen that even after the digitizer gets damaged, your iPhone continues to function normally. If this is the case, don’t do the mistake of thinking that your iPhone doesn’t need any repair as with a cracked digitizer, the iPhone cannot last long. Therefore, irrespective of whether the iPhone is working normally or not, reparation of a cracked iPhone digitizer in an immediate necessity. Following are the three options that you have to get the broken digitizer repaired –

Option 1- Taking the iPhone to The Apple Genius Bar: Several iPhone users, who are skeptical about the quality offered by the local iPhone repair services, usually prefer taking their damaged iPhones to the Apple Genius Bar for repair. After all, it is safest option available! Moreover, the quality of Apple repair services is guaranteed. You just don’t have to worry about buying a new iPhone once the repair is done. But, the biggest disadvantage is that Apple iPhone warranty doesn’t cover the damages caused in accidents. Any kind of repair done outside warranty is charged heftily. For instance, to get your broken iPhone digitizer repaired, you’ll have to pay around $199 at the Genius Bar! Isn’t that way too much!?

Another major disadvantage of this option is that Apple service stores are not available in every city. Moreover, you have to seek repair appointments online much in advance. And you’ll be very lucky if get your turn in just 1 week!!! So, can you manage without your iPhone for so long? What if the damaged digitizer leads to some sort of permanent damage during this waiting period!? Therefore, it is advisable to go for the next option.

Option 2 РSending it to Local iPhone Repair Specialists: The local repairs services are available in several forms. Majority of them are online services, where you are required to mail your iPhone at the service center by post and get it after it is repaired. However, as there are many fraudulent services nowadays, it is advisable to be very careful when opting for such a service. Go for it only after seeking reviews from friends and colleagues who might have used the same service earlier. The best option is hand over your iPhone personally to iPhone repair specialists in your locality.

With the growing iPhone popularity, almost every cell phone repair store specializes in iPhone repair. These certified professionals can repair your broken iPhone digitizer with utmost precision in minimum time possible. Also, repair services of the reputed stores come with a warranty. To look for a list of such stores in your city, just type ‘iPhone digitizer repair’ or ‘iPhone repairs’ followed by the name of your city in any search engine like Google. For instance, to look for the best iPhone repair shop in Sydney, you may type ‘iPhone repairs Hurstville Center’ in Google. You’ll be presented with a list of repair stores in your locality, out of which you can shortlist the best one.

Option 3- The DIY Approach: If you are well-versed with the internal functioning of the iPhone and are technically competent, you might even want to repair the digitizer yourself. Although you can do it at home using the repair kits and tools available for repairing the digitizer, a small mistake can put your iPhone at the risk of permanent damage. The tools required for repair are costly and it requires a lot of skill and prior experience to use them.

Therefore, for repairing cracked iPhone digitizer, it is advisable to always go for option 2.

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