Music © 2011 by Jaroslav M. Papaj. All rights reserved. Lyrics © 2011 by Amata. All rights reserved. Water Song Can you see, can you see the light glowing hope, sprinkling love there, from the sky? The warm gleam that’s soothing your heart sees itself in this mirror of mine Imagine your world without me No golden days No precious dreams to dream Will you, please, take care of me? Long ago and far from here there was peace, there was love for all eternity What’s the future that awaits us all since you won’t look to the sky? Can you smell the sweetness of flower buds? Can you hear the singing trees and birds? I’m the reason for them to please the world, for every soul, for every life to unfurl I’m the source of all that’s good Save me so I can save you Look into the sun, feel the warmth, smell the flourishing dreams See yourself in me Hear the calling of the water song… water song… Save yourself and save us all

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