I recently came across an article about website search engine optimization (SEO) that really  intrigued me. This was because the theme was different from what I usually read about SEO (no offense to other excellent SEO authors) and also because it seemed to make a lot of sense to me. The author is Wayne Hurlbert and I definitely recommend anyone interested in good SEO to read his article at “www (dot) webpronews (dot) com/keyword-density-seo-considerations-2005-05 (dot) html” for some real insight into this important subject.

First, let me state for the record that I am not a SEO guru, nor do I pretend to be. I’m just a guy with a website that needs to be optimized for high rank in the Cleveland, Ohio USA area.

Mr. Hurlbert’s writing talks about the importance of using a one keyword per web page approach for highly competitive keywords. The idea is you are focusing all the content and relevance of a given web page around one heavily searched keyword. This should give it more clout versus including that keyword with other keywords that would dilute its importance in the eyes of the search engines.

The author goes on to state that other focused web pages should be created to support the one very competitive keyword you are utilizing. The ultimate goal is to make a very potent theme materialize within the website that revolves heavily around that one ferociously competitive keyword.

There are other good talking points in the article like the all important issue of keyword density in a web page. The author states that Google allows a keyword density of no more than 2% while Bing and Yahoo will accept up to a 5% keyword density. This sounds consistent with what I have read about Google being more restrictive than Bing and Yahoo, especially when you factor in Google “nofollow” back links.

I have adopted Wayne’s one competitive keyword per web page approach with my own website (see link below). I also put my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio in the title, urls, headers, and page content with these carefully selected keywords to enhance the search in my local area. Although I don’t have many back links yet, it seems like it is making the site rank better than it used to.

Reference >>> www (dot) webpronews (dot) com/keyword-density-seo-considerations-2005-05 (dot) html

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