Lots of kids move back home soon after acquiring a college diploma, as you probably have gone through yourself… over and over again! Some of these parents make their child pay back rent. Several parents put this money aside and give it back all to their child once he or she moves out, and other parents save this money for themselves. The reason I’m hinting this is because, in some manner, this is exactly like the concept of “annuitizing.”

Annuitizing is when you opt to turn your cash in your annuity into fixed income payouts which are bound to last for your lifetime. One particular reason why individuals are hesitant to annuitize is mainly because, if they die shortly after they turn on income, they are worried they may lose a huge part of the annuity’s worth. There’s a way for you to stay clear of the said scenario, however.

Let’s look into these sets of parents as annuities. As we discussed, the kid who gave cash to the first set of parents didn’t lose control of their money. It is his / her preference when to vacate, and as soon as that occurs, the kid will be able to pull that cash out as he or she decides to. The kid who paid rent to the second set of parents, however, took part in what we call “annuitization,” the loss of control of the principal and not to be able to pull the money out.

This is not to signify that annuitizing is strictly nothing but a bad thing, considering that that is not always true. It really is the more common approach which was largely utilized. The main problem with it which has realized in the past, though, is that plenty of people are unable to see that far into the future, correct? Well, you could have 3 decades of retirement ahead of you, and you also can’t necessarily predict specifically where you’ll be in a decade or even further down the road from the present.

That’s precisely why individuals are reluctant to make that sort of investment, for the reason that when you annuitize, you can’t ever get your cash back out. In case you cannot forecast where you will be in many years from now, as many people cannot, the thought of losing control of their cash may possibly a daunting one because they might need to draw that money out for reasons we don’t know of as time goes on.

Annuitizing might not be an awful idea if you’re a little older and have a very more clear idea of exactly where your life will be over the next 10+ years. In case you are younger, however, and cannot make that kind of prediction, it could be a good idea to create an exit solution.

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Well, you see, in the event you are not certain where you’ll be in 10, 15, or 20 years from now and you don’t feel comfy with the idea of losing control of your money since you have no idea if you will need to pull it out down the road, there are solutions around that offer an exit strategy with your annuity. Most of the people prefer the liberty of knowing they have an exit strategy and knowing they have got the opportunity to withdraw the money if necessary.

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