They’ll attract kids regardless of gender. Some of them feature cultural touchstones which belong in every child’s library. Some open the kid’s mind to a world beyond their own. This surefire book would make your favorite kid happy and will inspire them to do the same. How many questions do you have? Are you tired of the past? See our summer reading lists to build up your child’s library. For more amazing choices see our best book series for early readers and Best Books for 12 and up for precocious readers out there! Read on:

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
The Hiccupotamus
Adventure Book For Kids
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Price History for Books For Kids: Christmas Elf Jokes

Story Time Magic

I was not a good student in school. I tried very hard, but I wasn’t very good at it. I liked sports, and I played baseball. I should have been a good athlete, but I wasn’t.

However, one thing I was good at was reading. I liked to read a lot. I liked mysteries. I liked science fiction. I liked fantasy. My favorite kind of book is the kind where the author invents whole worlds and peoples and things.

Now I know a lot about books. For example, I know some things about different kinds of books. For example, I know that there are board books, picture books, and picture books with flaps. I know that picture books with flaps usually have pictures that move when you push a button.

I know a lot of other interesting books about all kinds of places. I like reading them, but I also like drawing pictures of them and making up stories about them.

Sometimes when I want to read more about someplace, I go to the library.

A library is a place with a lot of books and a place where you can borrow books. At the library, you can find a lot of books about places.

I like going to the library because I like looking at books.

I also like looking at pictures, so at the library, I sometimes look at the pictures in the books.

At the library, you borrow books, and you return the books when you are finished with them.

At the library, there are books for adults, books for children, and books for people with special needs.

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