The foot is the most used part of the body and the most abused as well.  About ninety nine percent of our daily activities involve the use of our feet. The feet carry all the weight of our body whenever we do up or down, or walk a mile or two and even when we are seated. But despite the fact, a lot of people take for granted the idea of taking good care of their feet. But most of the time the main reason behind that is the lack of information. A lot of people do not have any idea of how to take good care of their feet.

Actually taking care of your foot only requires a lot of initiative and common sense. But on certain occasions like when you have foot problems or medical conditions like diabetes, you should seek professional help. Ignoring the fact that you should take care of your feet can lead to serious problems and serious injuries in the future.

Fashion and lifestyle does affect your foot heath

How ladies have closed their eyes with bunions and blisters just to get that high heels to fit, or guys with a love for that long pointy foot wear? Instead of insisting yourself to shoes that never was making you feel good, why not look for shoes that are comfortable and practical to use. When you do, you’d be amazed how good your feeling wearing a pair of shoes that are with low hills and rounded toes. If you have flat foot choose foot wear with arch support or use a shoe insert.

Of course one of the common problems of the feet is athlete’s foot. It is caused by a fungus named trichophyton and it leaves on your wet and sweaty feet. If not taken care of it may cause skin irritation and itching, and bleeding to some extent. It can also lead to other foot problems such as tinea pedis and bullous- commonly known as blisters.

To avoid such problem use shoes that allows your feet to breathe. Wash your feet frequently and wipe it dry. Use foot powder every time you put on those pair of shoes.  If ever you already have one, do not use tropical steroids instead use an anti-fungal cream and apply it twice in a day. you may also soak your feet in a mixture of water and vinegar for twenty minutes.

Calluses on feet are another irritating problem of the foot. Although its threatening it can impose many problems if left untreated. It can trigger warts and other viruses when you won’t take action immediately.

There are a lot of home remedies that you will learn reading elsewhere. But remember, you have to be extra careful when applying recommended remedies. In some cases they tend to make the problem worse rather than solve it. If you are doubtful about your condition, it is best to seek professional help right away.


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