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Although the ideal hours of sleep are eight hours for regular people and eight to ten for people who are doing workout sessions, there will be some days when we don’t get enough sleep as we should. The reasons for this are numerous, with some ranging from taking care of a sick person in the hospital or playing video games all through the night. Regardless, if you are , you will likely experience the same things as everybody else. Namely, you will be tired, irritated, extremely sensitive to touch, smell and sound, and craving for some very unhealthy foods. In other words, you will not be amused.

Of course, for such things, the best thing that you can do is to catch up on some sleep. Preferably the complete hours of a full night’s sleep since nothing beats a lack of something than to get it. If you are wondering why that is, it is simply because your body needs it. The full eight to ten hours allow for complete regeneration of brain cells, returning the balance of your body’s hormones, recharges your immune system, revitalizes your skin, muscles and internal organs, and regulates your metabolism.  But if that option is not on the table, then you can try one or all of the following and see which one works for you.

Quick naps

It may not be ideal, but an hour of sleep is better than nothing. This will give you a small amount of what a complete sleep can give, allowing your brain to rest a bit, your stress levels to go down and your hormones to normalize for a time. But you must remember that this is only a temporary fix and it will never be equivalent to the full version.

Take a deep breath and organize your thoughts

Usually, the biggest cause of irritation for sleep-deprived people is the confusion they feel with a tired brain and the frustration that comes with it. If you feel like there are a hundred things that you should do and you can’t focus on even a single one, you would, of course, feel ready to burst. For those occasions, it is best to take a moment, close your eyes, breathe through your nose, and clear your mind of all cluttered thoughts. From there, you pick out the ones which you feel need prioritizing and organize them in the order you feel is most comfortable.

Fill yourself up with healthy foods

With lack of sleep comes a ravenous hunger for very bad foods. This is a proven fact. In order to avoid this, it is important to eat a healthy meal as soon as you can. A balanced meal would be ideal, including grains, meat, and fiber. After that, it is just a matter of maintaining that feeling of fullness with some healthy snacks like carrot sticks, dried berries or some Organic Cacao Nibs to avoid eating junk food. You really don’t want to be eating things that lack nutrients since they will only exacerbate your condition.

Hot beverage When sleep-deprived, a no-brainer tactic is to drink coffee. The caffeine in coffee will revitalize your nerves and refresh your mind for a time. But since coffee is not for everyone, having tea and some Organic Drinking Chocolate would also be worthy of consideration. Tea is also full of caffeine but has a milder taste and is more relaxing than coffee. Organic Drinking Chocolate, on the other hand, will give you an energy boost and will kick start your day. Anyone of these would definitely get you through the day until you can crawl into bed and sleep again.

Sleep Deprivation and its Weird Effects on the Mind and Body

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