In your Caribbean wedding, there are types of catering to choose from that will suit your style, location, number of guests, etc. Some of them are the buffet spread style, cocktail reception, and sit-down style. For the wedding reception, the different types of food are captivating as your guests can delight and indulge in picking up the best looking and best smelling food. It may be great to have a separate desserts station. The atmosphere with the buffet style is casual that can let your guests mingle with each other and chat with their old friends in the reception. In addition, there is also the cocktail reception. Beer, punch, wine and champagne are commonly served in a cocktail reception.

In other wedding receptions, they employ an open bar based from the budget. To add excitement, some couples want to add bite-sized food through the help of a service staff. Last is the sit-down reception style. This is the most classic of all the Caribbean wedding catering style that you can also choose for your wedding reception. The wedding catering provider will provide the meal to your guest. The hotel or restaurant will offer the menu depending on each table.

Biggest Chunk Goes to the Caribbean Wedding Catering: Ideas Keeping It Simple

For many years, the utilization of services provided by an independent catering company is popular all over the world. Most of them have names and reputation of their own and created their identities among their clients when it comes to Caribbean wedding catering services. They are also different from each other. If you opt for this option regards a catering, choose which among them will provide the service you desire. They have upgraded the chafing dishes with their creative menus, including choices, and presentation.

They can also offer other service like flower decorations, wedding favors, and ice carvings. They also have a wide array of creative dishes more than what hotel caterers can provide. Choose your independent Caribbean wedding caterer to know more about the choices they offer. Get in touch with them early to avoid the hassles and delays of planning late. Contact those reliable companies that answer all your queries fast and honestly. Avoid those that divert the topic, and do not attend to your questions immediately.

Planning a Caribbean Wedding for Everyone

With the increasing cost of getting married these days, many couples are planning to have their reception and wedding at the same location. Instead of having their reception and wedding ceremony in a very large location, the couple tends to invite only their closest and nearest loved ones to their mini-vacation. The money they would have spent for the traditional Caribbean wedding will all give their entire family and friends with a whole weekend getaway for memories of a great vacation destination, instead of one whole afternoon into a reception hall.

There are many great selections that are out with plenty of choices based on the couple’s preference, special interest, location, venue type, and recreational activities they wish to have, depending all on their budget. If the planning involves invited loved ones, their needs must also be well-considered. Think of the things you have to include in your Caribbean wedding planning to make sure all your needs are well-attended to in order to have a memorable wedding.


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