Have you made your Christmas list and checked it twice?  There is a reason why Christmas lists are so popular, and that is that they help Aussies to save time and money during the holiday season.

The first step is to determine your budget and then make your list!  Now is the perfect time to create your list to ensure that you can set a bit aside each month, or purchase those terrific bargains on clearance.  While the first thought on our lists are family and friends, don’t forget other important characters in your life like babysitters, teachers, your mailman, and garbage man.  Once you know your budget and have made your list, then determine a dollar amount to spend on each person.

Now that you have your dollar amount you can head to the stores to purchase your Xmas gifts.  One of the greatest malls on earth is the virtual world of the Internet.  It is important that when you shop, you stick to your price limit on each of your Xmas gifts.  It is all too easy to get carried away when shopping, especially when you see those ideal gifts that would be perfect for someone special.  Remember here, that the stores are filled with gifts, and you will find something in your budget, especially when you start early.

Also remember that it is the thought that counts, not the dollar amount.  If you Christmas budget only covers a few dollars each for Xmas gifts to the special people in your life, then purchase them with joy.  Cut out other expenses like gift wrap and make your own wrapping out of brown paper sacks that you color in holiday spirit, shop for deals that are over 50% off, and make your own cards.  You might also include some homemade goodies with your Xmas gifts, which are always a favored gift from all recipients.

If you start early enough and can put away extra money each month, by Christmas you could have hundreds of dollars.  Or purchase a gift each month for someone special on your list, getting the shopping out of the way, early.

It is important to be well planned and in total control of your money.  Christmas is a time of year that consumers get carried away and tend to spend money they don’t have.  With early holiday planning you can save and stay within your budget and give the charge cards a well-deserved break.  There is so much thought and love that goes into Christmas and each of us love receiving something from someone, even if it is a homemade card.  It allows us to know we are special and that we are thought of.  Make your Xmas gifts special, whether it is a simple card or a gadget for the man in your life or one of the many other splendid gifts that are available on the market.

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