Ultra Feminine 80s

Retro will always be one of the great fashion eras that is why the 80s decade is also one of the most preferred themes when it comes to costume parties. Retro style from music, hairstyles, and clothes is one of the most memorable fashion trends ever. Some of the most popular 80s styles were neon-colored clothes, miniskirts, leggings, oversized shirts, acid wash jeans, parachute pants, and workout clothes. Shoulder pads and women’s power suits also became very dominant in women since this is the decade where women were starting to establish their place in various workplaces dominated by men.

But despite the craze in suits and shoulder pads that emits power and strength – ultra-feminine 80s fashion for women also became really trendy in the form of laces and lingerie-like clothes. A lot of women during the 80s wore some super feminine clothes which were a direct contrast to the dominant menswear and women power suits in the 80s.

Feminine lingerie-inspired 80s was very sexy and delicate usually designed with laces from leggings, tops, and gloves. One of the most memorable and popular lingerie-like clothes in the 80s were the ones popularized by Madonna – a bustier with cone bra design. After Madonna starting modeling the lingerie-style clothes, more women started to wear bustier tops with laces as their regular everyday outerwear outfits usually paired with stylish coats, miniskirts or puffy skirts, and varying accessories.

Another very feminine 80s which directly contrasted to the power suits and shoulder pads career-driven women wore in the 80s were the puffy dresses. Instead of shoulder pads, some women in the 80s wore dresses with very big, puffy, ruffles in the shoulders. Some puffy dresses were designed with big ruffles on the skirt. If you have watched some of the most popular music videos made in the 80s, popular 80s singers wore these kinds of dresses to their music videos. These 80s trends were paired with large customized earrings, layered necklaces, and laced fingerless gloves also popularized by Madonna.

Although a lot of fashion trends in the 80s can be considered as really outrageous and laughable, a lot of fashion experts can admit that this decade is one of the most revolutionary fashion decades, especially for women. 80s fashion for women was very varied but most of the styles really represented and reflected the women of the 80s.

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