Like with any other purchase the first thing to do is to shop around and review insurance policies of various different companies. There are companies that provide an automatic increase in cover of up to $250,000 if a child is born or adopted into the family.

Make sure that trauma insurance policy figures are high in your risk management strategy. Although not being tax deductible, they do give you a tax free payout when you claim for illness or other trauma.

Be specific on the type of life insurance you are looking for and the level of cover you need. Click here for Life insurance Direct and we will help you determine the right type of policy and the right amount of cover you would need. The cost of the policy will depend on factors like size of final payout, inclusion of income protection and other benefits.

Before taking out the life insurance, know what your superannuation provider is offering you. Super schemes will help you get some real good deals.

Give up smoking and habitual drinking. Premiums for non-alcoholics, non smokers is much cheaper

Take the insurance when you are young, well before you start gaining weight and having other health problems. You can save on the premium as well as any medical tests and other application process hiccups.

Pick and match, take a cover that has certain categories excluded. This is especially good if you are a healthy young adult. You can save a lot on premium by this way

Always check the fine print. Insurance companies will put in an excess charge as fees or miscellaneous, most companies will do it only once in a year but you need to be careful, there are companies that may charge up to five times in a year.

Opt for term life which is by far the best and simplest life insurance policy you can get.

Get quotes online, it is important you compare a couple of life insurance providers before you take on; after all it is a life and death situation so to speak. Click here for Life insurance Direct and you can have a whole lot of pricing information instantaneously. Of course the final payable will be subject to detailed application process that involves medicals, personality test etc.

Not just for your own health but for the good health of your premium too, get in shape. When taking out a life insurance policy, this will improve your risk class. For starters quit smoking, lose weight, check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and if they are high take requisite medications and steps to reduce it. Get yourself a medical examination before applying for the life insurance policy; you can save yourself a surprise later. These little changes that you make will help you save thousands of dollars across the term of the life insurance policy.

Most importantly, always purchase policies from reputed insurance companies who have a good claim payout record.

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