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It is not enough that we be grateful with all the things we have and we could offer as a company or organization. Gratitude is a good start but checking for innovations, modifications and realignment of processes, structures and metrics may be necessary for improvement. Oftentimes, companies and organizations are afraid to review what they have because they always equate improvement with cost. However, the opposite is true. In reviewing all these things, redundancies are eliminated and cost is minimized.
The consideration of organizational transformation may come as a suggestion from top to bottom or from the bottom to top positions of the company. These may be simple process changes or major company restructuring. However, it requires a lot of planning and preparation. It can mean long hours of meeting and paper work. Recommendations must be written down, deliberated upon and courses of action must be agreed.

Writing down Organizational Transformation Required

It is necessary for anyone recommending the changes to write it down in paper. In this way, a clearer understanding of the changes recommended is gained. A flow chart may be necessary to compare current and recommended changes in processes, structures or metrics. It is best to note in detail the advantages of such changes. Cost efficiency must of course be considered. Any realistic issues or disadvantages that can be encountered with the implementation of such changes should also be considered and laid out. Solutions to these issues must also be indicated. The impact of these solutions must also be indicated in order to identify the overall cost savings. In this way, even before majority of the decision makers look into the said recommendations, possible issues are already addressed before they arise.

Deliberating on Organization Transformation Recommended

Organizational transformation should be something that everybody embraces. However, before that even happens, one should gain the buy in of everybody affected by such change. Deliberation helps open the eyes of everyone of how important organizational transformation is. While it is possible that there would be hesitations and other people who might not agree right away, deliberation opens doors of opportunity to clarify things and enlighten leaders and listeners. Success in getting an approval on the recommended organizational transformation can be achieved as long as disagreements are properly handled and questions raised are properly answered.

Agreeing on the Courses of Action

Once all issues and questions have been raised and everything has been clarified, there is no need to prolong the implementation of organizational transformation. Leaders or managers should then agree on the courses of action that must be taken in order to start and implement organizational transformation. The same should be properly documented as well. All other issues such as schedule or time frame, budget and key people who will monitor it should be identified as well. Accountability is the key to making sure organizational transformation is handled properly by the right people. Never give people the responsibility of implementing it without giving them an equal right or position to see it through.

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