Complacency infects people more than they care to admit. They make up excuses to stay away from the gym, they say every little reason that comes to mind just so they can keep eating unhealthy foods and they drag everyone who wants to change their lives for the better down with them. Of course, complacency does not only pertain to overweight people. Even those who have average body weights see fit to feel good about themselves simply because they are not as fat or as bulky as their co-worker, their friends or their families. They don’t realize that there is more to being fit and healthy than weight or size.

Now if you want to have that kind of body for some reason of your own then that is a different story. But if in your heart, you are willing to give a better body, more robust and longer years a chance, but have only lost your confidence in gaining them, then here is what you can do.

Stay away from other complacent people

This does not mean that you should cut these people out of your life entirely, especially if a lot of them are family. However, you can put some distance between their reasons with yours. If they somehow have an issue with your intention of becoming fit, then graciously take it in stride but always keep in mind that your decision is what matters most. The opinions of other people do not have to be the deciding factor when it comes to making your life better. So keep going, regardless of what they say.

Set realistic goals

Among the worst offenders to the confidence of people wanting to get fit is not getting the results they want. However, if their expectations involved losing a hundred pounds in a week, then it can hardly be said to come as a surprise that they failed. So keep realistically achievable goals that are specific and coincides with the time and effort that you can provide. Like for instance, you can only do some pushups currently, either because you don’t have the time or the energy. Now obviously, losing a lot of weight within a week is impossible with just that. But increasing the number of pushups you can do and the speed at which you can do them in that time is definitely doable. If this does not satisfy you, just remember that the more pushups you can do in less time, the more calories you burn and the healthier you get.

Eat better foods

Don’t cringe, it’s not that bad. Eating better foods does not entail having to live off only carrot sticks and broccoli for the rest of your life, although those will have to enter into your diet at some point. Eating better foods simply mean dropping the bad stuff like junkfood, commercial fastfoods, refined sugar, and oodles of softdrinks. Those foods offer no praiseworthy benefits and come with shocking risks. Instead, you can try Raw Food or unprocessed food. They retain plenty of the nutrients that your body needs so you won’t get ravenously hungry and will curb your urges so you won’t pine for the foods you left behind.

Treat yourself sparingly

If you have been working on your workout and diet for quite a while, then it is time to reward your effort, reasonably of course. Have a slice of pizza once a month, have a piece of Crunchy Mint Chocolate once a week, or have a complete blow out meal once a year. Becoming healthy does not need to resemble a punishment, which is what many people attribute to why they quit.

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