A property agent’s job involves buying, selling or renting property on behalf of their clients. Their day to day activities include but are not limited to;

• Looking at property listings
• Interviewing prospective clients on the kind of property they want to buy or rent
• Accompanying clients to the various properties for viewing
• Discussing with the clients the terms of sale and draw up the relevant documents such as purchase agreements, closing statements leases and deeds
• Identifying various properties that are open for rent or sale and coordinating property viewing sessions for potential customers
• Organizing meeting between property buyers and sellers when there are issue that need to be discussed by the two parties
• Advertising properties that are up for rent or sale so as to raise awareness of the existence of these properties to the public
• Viewing property and make an assessment of the property’s condition before taking clients to view it
• Advising their clients on a wide range of issues including prevailing property prices, legal requirements, mortgages and other related topics
• Assisting their clients with the evaluation of mortgage options so that the client is better informed and able to choose the best option

If you are interested in becoming a property agent there are several steps you need to follow;

1. Take pre-licensing courses-these vary from one state to the other in terms of number of courses and duration of required. At the same time some real estate companies have their own requirements which might force you to take on additional courses before or after they employ you.
2. After this the next step is selecting a good brokerage firm. You need to work with a brokerage firm in order to practice as a real estate agent and the best brokerage firm to select would be one that has a good reputation and offers additional
3. You also need to pass your state and national exams so that you get licensed and you also need to provide a criminal background check.
4. The final step is finding a mentor to guide you and working hard so that you can build your portfolio.
Choosing to be a property agent has a number of advantages among them being;
• You get a chance of being your own boss since you can work as a private contractor once you have built a wide customer base.
• It also gives you a chance to grow your own business. As a property agent the growth of your property has no limits. With the right marketing strategies and correct attitude you can see your business grow to give you great rewards.
There are a few challenges however that you need to be aware of including;
• As you build your customer base you will incur costs such as advertising costs, travelling expenses, client entertainment and all the other costs of attracting clients.
• There are times when the real estate market is not so active and during this period your earnings are going to be low and you need to plan your finances well and save money when you are experiencing a good period.
• As you join the market you should be ready to deal with the stiff competition from other letting agents.

The-property-group are responsible letting agents operating in the South West of Devon.

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