Piranha knives have long been known for their reliability for a variety of outdoor uses. What’s more, considering the quality of knives offered by Piranha, you’ll find that they are affordable when compared to other knives used for similar purposes. There are several different types of knives offered by Piranha such as the Piranha Camo Amazon Automatic Knife, the Piranha Camo Bodyguard Auto Knife and many others. Each knife actually represents a different purpose or use for the knife, which is why you’ll find some sportsmen/women have several different types of knifes when they participate in several different activities.

The Piranha Amazon Knife Options

The Piranha Amazon knife offers several different blade types. The tactical blade is represented by the darker blade as a general rule. It is highly resistant to impact and is often considered to be a combat blade. It’s not uncommon for soldiers to carry tactical knives in combat, but they also make a great tool for survivalists.

Piranha also offers Amazon knives with a mirror finish. While there is no intended purpose for using a mirror finish, other than it simply looks great, you can use the mirror finish to create a glare in the eye of your enemy or even an animal to disguise your approach.

With an Amazon Piranha automatic knife you also have the option of straight blades or combinations of straight and serrated blades. This actually helps to make the knife a multipurpose object that is good for hunting, fishing, camping and so on.

Lastly are the blade handles. This is where you can let a little of your personality show through while getting another layer of protection from your knife. With etched in designs and patters, this ensures that your hands don’t slip from your knife. What’s more, the patterns and colors allow you to have an attractive knife as well.

The Piranha Amazon Knife vs. the Piranha Bodyguard Knife

Size: The Amazon series of knives offer 3.45″ blade while the Bodyguard series of knifes offers a 3.18″ blade.

Materials: Both series’ offers stainless steel blades but Amazon’s are drop point blades made with 154CM stainless steel with four holes while the Bodyguard offers the classic stiletto blade made from S30V stainless steel.

Opening: Both the Amazon and the Piranha Bodyguard offer automatic side opening knives that open with an inset button.

Handle: The Amazon offers 6061-T6 Type 3 Hard Coat Anodized aircraft alloy handles. The Bodyguard handles are made from ribbed aircraft aluminum with a type 3 hard coat.

Portability: Both types of knifes are portable and lightweight. They both also offer an aluminum clip to allow you to carry your knife on your belt or pants. The Amazon also includes a hole in the handle so that you can attach the knife to something else if you choose.

Piranha offers several knife options. Before you choose the one that’s right for you consider what it s you’re going to do and then make your selection based on your upcoming activity.

About the Author: Dustin Williams is an outdoor adventure enthusiast. He loves spending his time roughing it outdoors, camping, hunting and fishing. He is also a collector of knives and knows a good knife when he sees it.

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