When you think of equipment does a picture of staples and clean paper come to mind or do you think of larger items, the items that can save money every day of the week? Printers, photocopiers, vehicle trackers and franking machines could all fall into this category – or is the humble coffee maker the one piece of equipment that’s really going to benefit the company? Much depends on how often it used.

Vehicle Trackers

If you own a large fleet of vehicles, then tracking devices are going to be vital in the long term. What they do is enable you, the owner, to keep an eye on staff at any time – which has got to be safer for them and the cargo they are carrying. In addition to this, the tracking device can help you plan better routes for your drivers, meaning you get to cut some of the fuel cost. So for taxi firms, haulage companies and other associated businesses where driving plays a key part, a tracking device will probably be your most important tool.


This could be considered the most important piece of machinery in any , regardless of size – providing you do a lot of photocopying. However, even the smallest business needs to photocopy something at some stage and it is more convenient if the machine is there on the premises. If your photocopying needs are great, it may be worth renting or buying a machine. Make sure you shop around, though, as there are often some great deals to be had.

Franking Machines

If you post a lot of letters or parcels, then a franking machine has to be considered one of the most important items you could ever choose to invest in as it can save you money on every single item that you send out. Indeed, despite the initial outlay (which can also be made more manageable through renting) the machine will pay for itself in no time at all. You can also top up postage costs whenever you want. Shopping around for great deals from approved Royal Mail suppliers is recommended as prices do vary considerably.

Coffee Machine

Everyone works better when they are refreshed and alert. Coffee machines are vital in any office which consists of more than five people. They can all get a drink whenever they want and they pay you for the privilege as opposed to the cafe across the street. Convenience and profit in one stroke – what more could you ask for?

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