CFHT CLOUD CAM TIME LAPSE SUNRISE DAY & MARIJUANA APPRECIATE DAY () – APRIL 20, 2012 April 19, 2012 Four planets form an arc across the sky as twilight begins to fall right now. Brilliant Venus and Jupiter dazzle in the west, with brighter Venus higher in the sky. Ruddy Mars is high in the southeast, with golden Saturn just climbing skyward in the east. April 20, 2012 The Lyrid meteor shower should be at its best the next couple of nights, with a peak of perhaps a dozen or so meteors per hour. The is new tonight, providing perfect conditions for viewing. The takes time out to chat about the last 4.5 billion years, the evolution of Homo sapiens, and the designation of its own holiday Happy Day! All around the planet people are celebrating, reflecting, praying, and calling for change in the way we treat the planet. But what does the Big Mama herself think of all this? In the days leading up to Earth Day 2012, we were able to obtain an exclusive interview with our home planet. We share it with you in today’s special Earth Day Newsletter from UC Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. How does it feel to be the only known planet with life? Well, I knew when I let that organic soup evolve into life a few billion years ago I would likely be in for an interesting ride. Venus and Mars thought I was crazy (though I think Mars is secretly hiding some microbes under his crust from the NASA rovers). Venus was so against the

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