Sponsor: BlockChain.INFO – Secret Service vs. RidleyCam “Turn it off!” 10/18/2012: Mr. Obama raids Manchester. I film the security checkpoint to give you a feel for how well or badly they are treating the peasants. Then something happens that has never happened to me at a Secret Service checkpoint. Some of the vid in this clip’s likely available for you to use commercially. Basically anything that was shot by me or was public domain to begin with. My stuff is automatically released into the public domain until I say otherwise. Usually if I shot it, “RidleyReport.com” or “YouTube.com/WinWinParty” will appear at the bottom. Anything which has that super or was obviously shot by me is public domain. This vid is, or likely will be, part of a playlist. Clink link below to watch it more or less in sequence: www.youtube.com Like what you see here? Donate…to the Ridley Report most easily using Bitcoin. Find my latest BTC address at nhunderground.com I tend to keep the wallet fairly empty for security reasons. So…don’t be shy about letting me know you’ve donated. That way I can evacuate or spend the BTC’s…. How *you* can buy yourself an advert: nhunderground.com secret service new hampshire obama visit manchester libertarians right to record security checkpoints ridleyreport glik glick decision ron paul we will record 2012 wiretapping laws free state project independent journalism liberty reporters dave ridley report. hunter s. thompson Creative commons license gonzo police

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