spied some agents around the Waldo Canyon area today scouting out the area prior to President Obama’s expected arrival on Friday, July 29. Be sure to follow the hashtag: #WaldoCanyonFire on Twitter for the latest news and information regarding the fire. For photos and additional information regarding the fire and evacuations, be sure to follow our Facebook page: www.facebook.com For breaking news coverage, be sure to visit our website: www.coloradoconnection.com And specific articles concerning the Waldo Canyon Fire include: Waldo Canyon Fire FAQs www.coloradoconnection.com Second body found in same burned home www.coloradoconnection.com Community greets firefighters with roaring support www.coloradoconnection.com wakes up to devastation www.coloradoconnection.com Kids draw pictures in support of firefighters www.coloradoconnection.com

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