There are a great number of consumers that have taken to the net to shop online, and one product that is highly shopped today is pillows.  Everyone is looking to improve their quality of sleep, and there has been so much hype in regards to memory foam that is now available in mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows, that more and more consumers are finding their way to these online retailers who can offer them the products which improve their quality of sleep.  There are a number of retailers to shop online that offer memory foam products, and for consumers that want to know the difference between a memory foam pillow versus a traditional pillow, this article will help.

A pillow does make a difference in the quality of sleep that a person receives, and the biggest difference in a memory foam pillow is it offers a higher level of comfort than that traditional pillows.  The memory foam pillows contour to your head and are found in all sizes, even body pillows.

Memory Foam Pillows

Standard pillows can feel comfortable but do not have the durability that memory foam pillows offer.  Over time they lose their thickness and fluff and become uncomfortable.  They also become less supportive.  The benefits of a memory foam pillow include:
• When the body produces heat, the memory foam pillow molds to the body which provides optimal comfort and quality sleep.
• The foam offers support to the neck while sleeping in any position.
• There is no need to fluff the pillow since the foam contours to your sleep position.
• Promotes circulation of air which allow you to remain comfortable and cool.
There is also the benefit of eliminating allergies and asthma as the foam pillows are antibacterial and hypoallergenic.  They are also dust mite resistant.  Traditional pillows do not have this benefit.
Memory foam is low maintenance and unlike a traditional pillow which you need to fluff, you want need to fluff your pillow, nor will you need to wash or air the pillow out like you would with a traditional pillow.

Traditional Pillows

Traditional pillows are not as high priced as the memory foam pillows, but, they are also not considered an investment that will last.  The memory foam pillow is.  The traditional pillows also are not comfortable in the means that they absorb sweat and oils from your skin and scalp that lead to odors.
Consumers have turned to the net to shop online for the memory foam pillows as consumer awareness to the comfort and health benefits of the pillow have become recognized.  Memory foam pillows are advanced technology that offers support for a better night’s sleep.  The memory foam pillows are the healthy solution to a traditional pillow and a product that is used in many institutions.  In hospitals, memory foam mattress are used, in aircrafts, memory foam seats are used.  It is a product that consumers can shop online for, and one that will offer a better night’s sleep to all individuals.  .

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