Pulling Off An

If you were running out ideas for a party theme then maybe you would like to try the 80s. An 80s party will certainly be awesome because it will be as if you are time traveling. Everything should emanate the 80s, from the music to the venue’s setup, to the 80s clothing worn by the guests, and even the popular foods in that era may be served.

If you were already born in the 80s then you would somehow know what the essentials are to create a fantastic 80s party. However, if you have only a little idea about it, do not fret. Google will save you. Make your research about the major events that happened during the ’80s. Check out photos from that era so you will have an idea about 80s clothing. You must also browse the hit charts of that decade so you can download the tracks that will remind everyone of the 80s.

Of course, you cannot plan this party all on your own. Call your buddies and ask for more ideas. You may also ask their help in doing the checklist for the party. Designs and other memorabilia that you will need to make the party have that 80s feel may be bought in secondhand stores and perhaps you may check out eBay and other online shops. 80s clothing is also available on eBay so in case you want to stand out at the party, buy 80s clothing online.

Other party essentials include invitations, props, music, food, games, and prizes. The invitation must have that “retro” vibe so think about a design that will amaze your guests. You may use Posters of the 80s hit movies. Edit the movie posters or you may also put them together in a collage. You may also choose to create your own invitation by combining bright colors and items that were “in” during the 80s such as boom box and disco lights. Do not forget to inform your guests that they must be in their best 80s clothing because prizes await the winner for the best-dressed award.

If you are planning the party along with your friends, you can assign tasks and divide the party essentials so it will not be hard for you. Keep 80s clothing in stock just in case some guests have no attire for the party. Use old cameras to take photos. This will add a more retro feel to your remarkable 80s party.

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