Dryer vent cleaning services stress that you require dryer vent cleaning at least once or twice a year. Some people may not deem this necessary and simply continue to use their dryer as normal without any cleaning taking place for a number of years. Whilst you may think that such a service is not required, it is essential that you understand at some point you do need Dryer vent cleaning NYC , otherwise you are at risk.


Various build up in and around a dryer vent can cause a dryer vent fire. In fact it is said that dryer vent based damages cost around $200 million each and year. Those figures come directly from the National Fire Protection Association.


There are many websites and guides out there offering tips to help prevent dryer fires and to make sure your dryer is maintained properties. These often include tips such as; Have your dryer vent system professionally installed so that you know it is reliable, Clean your lint filter after almost every wash to eliminate build up, Try to avoid leaving the dryer on whilst you are asleep or not in the house, try to recognise if your dryer loads are taking longer as this is a sign of a build up and most importantly, have your dryer vent cleaning done professional and at least once a year.


The Pros of


  • You can be assured that your dryer vent is clean and healthy
  • Any build ups will be removed
  • Your drying times will be lower
  • The people who clean your dryer vent system will be trained professionals with all of the correct tools, and they will also work within safety regulations.


The Cons of


  • If you do not use your dryer much, you may not need dryer vent cleaning as often as recommended
  • You do have to pay a service charge
  • You may have to arrange for someone to be in when the dryer vent cleaners arrive
To find a reliable duct cleaning company near your home , you can search for local directories such as :
google maps , yahoo local , local.com , city search and yelp.com which will show you reviews from real 
people who used the companies services . not always the cheapest ones will be the right one for you . 
give them a call and ask the right questions as per this article suggest to ensure you are dealing with 
a professional Air duct cleaning service . 


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