Premature Ejaculation Information

Being the most common dysfunction in men, premature ejaculation has yet to receive much research into how it can be overcome. Over many years the definition of what PE actually is has changed.  Research was carried out on this dysfunction but lacked any great results. Some of the older more basic research simply stated that the definition of premature ejaculation was “that if a man ejaculated before his partner reached climax”.

Men were not comfortable with these basic findings however and would think it might be the partner who had the problem.  Furthermore, research was also thought to have found that more than fifty percent of sexual encounters end in the partner failing to achieve climax.

After this basic research, premature ejaculation was defined as “a man climaxing very soon after penetration. It is thought that foreplay and the amount of time taken with it was not taken into consideration in this research.

In our modern day, not having control when a man ejaculates is the usual definition of PE. In our busy and stressful lives this can cause all kinds of problems including anxiety, depression and all sorts of other emotional distress for the man and sometimes also his partner.

Other things to consider now days is that there are two different definitions of premature ejaculation, primary and secondary PE.

Primary and secondary PE

  1. Primary PE is when a man nearly always suffers from premature ejaculation and is generally a long term problem that takes time and patience to overcome.
  2. Secondary premature ejaculation is when for no reason at all a man is suddenly struck with this problem when it has never been a problem in the past. This can sometimes affect older men, especially after a long period of time with little or no sexual activity.

Don’t blame yourself

There are a number of reasons for premature ejaculation so don’t blame yourself.  Some are physical but this is generally rare. My brother received spinal cord injuries when he was 18 from a diving accident and has these physical problems. He is limited with movement but has learnt to deal with this massive problem.

Psychological factors also need to be taken into consideration. Stress, anxiety and depression are great contributors to premature ejaculation. Among other things, Try and relax, kick back, do some exercise. You will be surprised at how this will help.

Talk to Family

Although it may be a little embarrassing you may want to consider research on family members like your father, uncles or grandfathers to see if they have suffered this problem. It could very well be a genetic problem and there has been talk of this being the case on some occasions.


Fortunately help is at hand and a number of great natural programs are available. As always however, if you have any concerns talk to your medical professional, they are there to help.

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