Premature Ejaculation Causes

In 1998 when Viagra came on the scene, erectile dysfunction subjugated media reporting of men’s sexual problems. However, ED is less widespread than quick, unintentional premature ejaculation or PE. Studies at the University of Chicago, determined by a sampling of nearly 3,000 men ages 18 to 85, that from 18 to 59, premature ejaculation is more common than ED, and that with men over 60, at least one-quarter of them experience it on a continuous basis. Therefore, PE is considered men’s number one sex problem.

Premature ejaculation has a complex history. Kama Sutra rebuked PE sufferers for exasperating women. Nonetheless, during the Victorian period in England and the United States, women were not thought of as sexual, but literally submissive vessels for the lust of men. Because women’s sexual pleasure was not a priority, PE went unnoticed. If truth were told, Darwinians thought of premature ejaculation as a symbol of men’s masculinity. These men, they disputed, were prone to beget children and instill their genes, counting in all probability those for premature ejaculation, in prospective generations.

However, premature ejaculation was once again highlighted by the 20th century and psychoanalytic hypothesis blamed an “irrational inferiority” toward women as the cause. During the 1960s, a straightforward self-help book introduced by Masters and Johnson indicated a program that could teach at least 90 percent of men, within a short period, how to last as long as they wanted to. Their accomplishment inaugurated modern sex therapy. Therefore, after all of the hullabaloo what exactly are premature ejaculation causes?

-Premature Ejaculation Causes

There have been theories about the causes of PE since it came to the forefront. Some natural remedy enthusiasts blame youth and pornography while others blame biological and psychological roots. The answer probably lies somewhere in the middle; however, still today the exact cause of PE cannot be pinpointed.

Psychological causes
Some doctors feel that early life sexual experiences may determine a pattern that is difficult to alter later on in life. These experiences can include:

. Predicaments where the individual may have rushed in order to come to climax to evade being found out
. Guilt feelings that influence a man’s inclination to hurry through their sexual encounters

Biological causes
Numerous biological factors may have an affect on premature ejaculation, such as:

. Inherited traits
. Swelling and infection of the urethra or prostrate
. Specific thyroid problems
. Atypical reflex activity of the ejaculatory organism
. Atypical amounts of brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters
. Atypical hormone levels

Rarely is PE caused by nervous system impairment ensuing from trauma or surgery, or, retracting from the use of certain medications for the treatment of mental issues. Other factors that may contribute to PE are erectile dysfunction, anxiety, or relationship problems.

The dilemma is that no one, not even the experts, can pin down an unarguable reason of premature ejaculation causes. Natural healing experts state that “programs that cure premature ejaculation teaches men to “make love” with the focus on whole-body sensuality.” What may work for one man may not work for another; therefore, we have to assume that the impasse of PE will be debated for many years to come.

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