There are many ways to shop online. Through auctions, ecommerce stores overseas, and through Australian retailers.  As an online shopper, it is important to understand your rights.  The following guide will help to inform you of the rights you posess when shopping online. 
Online Shopping Australia
When you shop online through Australian retailers, should you make a purchase with the vendor, you have basic consumer rights.  Based on the Australian Consumer Law it is against the law for sellers to deceive or mislead you in regards to your purchase.  This includes any information in regards to the price of the purchase of the product or service and any advertisement claims of the product or service.  
Should you have a problem with your product or service purchase, the seller may be required to provide you with a refund, repair or replacement. 
Online Auctions
Australian online auctions are often a wonderful means to find a deal; however, consumers have to be cautious.  Normally refunds or returns are not accepted if something goes wrong.
All restriction on ownership should be clearly presented by the seller prior to the sale. 
Auction sites include both items that are auction or you can purchase products for a fixed price. 
Steps to Take If Something Goes Wrong With Your Purchase
• If you do have a problem, contact the seller immediately.  If you cannot contact the seller check their website (if applicable) and determine if they have any procedures set to resolve disputes. 
To find out your consumer options and rights contact your local consumer protection agency or the ACCC.
• If you purchase was made on your credit card, contact your bank to determine if you can reverse the charge.
• Seek legal advice.  If a resolution is not possible, you may be able to take the matter up in tribunal or small claims court.  It may not be easy to pursue the seller, especially if they are based overseas. 
Dealing with an Overseas Seller
If you have purchased online from an overseas seller, then, first, take the direction above.  If you find that you have no success with the above steps, and would like to continue to resolve the matter, then consider the guide below: 
• File a complaint with Econsumer, who handles disputes of consumers that have purchased from overseas sellers.  Once you have filed your complaint, it will then appear in a worldwide database that is shared with consumer protection agencies who use the information to investigate and to uncover scams.  Whether your complaint is investigated will depend on the policies of the agencies.
• Contact the consumer protection authority or ACCC in the country of the seller.  Provide them with all information in regards to the transaction and ask them what recourse you have.  They will be able to inform you of all your rights and how to go about enforcing them.  In some circumstances you may find that they will investigate the matter.
As consumers, you do have rights, and knowing your online shopping rights and the recourse that can be taken will help to protect you.

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