There are a variety of available online. can help you decide how much your monthly payments will be to pay off a mortgage, car payment, college loan, or just about any other type of loan that you have. They can be especially handy when trying to figure up a budget if you are trying to pay off debts.

Loan calculators often require you to put in specific data so that it can calculate monthly payments. It often asks how much of a percentage you put down for a down payment, the current interest rate, and the number of years or months that you will be paying down on the loan. By using these details, the loan calculators can calculate important information regarding your monthly payments.

Below are some types of loan calculators that you can find online and a few websites where you can use them:

*Loan Calculator: This will help you find out how much your monthly loan repayments will be

*Mortgage Loan Calculator: This figures up how much your monthly house payments will be.

*Auto Loan Calculator: this will give you information about your car loan or help you with your budget if you decide to borrow money to buy a car.

If you would rather not use online loan calculators for fear or privacy concerns, some websites also offer loan calculators that you can download. offers a loan calculator that you can download to your own desktop. It is free to download and can help you calculate monthly payments for when you apply for a loan.

*Loan Calculator at

Before making any final decision on applying for a loan, it is important to review your monthly budget. Also, be sure to put money back into savings in case any other emergencies should arise such as medical expenses or a job loss. Repaying a loan can be very difficult if you don’t have the same income that you had during the application process.

Using loan calculators can help you set up your budget and figure out what your expected monthly payments will be. Most loan websites and even your local banks should have loan calculators available for you to use.

Most loan calculators are all available to use for free online. You can also download them too at some available websites. If you are unsure about a monthly payment or are trying to estimate a home mortgage or personal loan, loan calculators are very handy for any home office.

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