Christmas is typically a season that most of us like to “deck the halls” with many Christmas presents wrapped under the tree.  Unfortunately, for many, this Christmas seems tighter than ever, and the pocket book is preventing them from really doing the justice they wish.  There is a way to completely fill under the Christmas tree without the costly expense- and the presents are great!

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

If there is a cook in your family, then one great gift that will be one of the most cherished and only cost a few dollars is a recipe tin or book (that just costs a few dollars) filled with all the best recipes you can find.  Ask family members, friends, teachers, everyone you know for their best recipes, record them on recipe cards and fill the recipe tin with the cards and you have the ideal Christmas gift for the cook in your family.

For each member of the family purchase a special mug (these can be found at the dollar store), purchase some hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallow and some nice peppermint sticks.  Wrap a little hot cocoa in cellophane for each mug; add some mini marshmallows and a couple peppermint sticks and each family member is prepared for a nice cocoa during the Christmas celebrations.  This is also a great Christmas gift for friends.

Every parent loves their child’s handprint as a gift.  This year take an old cardboard box from the garage, some bright fabric and some double sided stiff fusible interfacing and allow your child to trace their hands on the cardboard and make coasters for the dad.  The instructions are really simple!  Just trace the hands and trim the fabric and interfacing to match the cardboard.  Follow the direction on the interfacing package and the kids have the ideal Christmas gift for dad.

For the kids, make some Christmas crackers!  Save the inner roll of the toilet paper and fill them with candy.  Then wrap them with some red and white striped Christmas paper and tie the ends with blue ribbon and the Christmas crackers become the perfect Christmas gift!  You can spread quite a few of these under the tree with different types of candy in each.

Cake pop planters!  This is a great Christmas gift for any age.  Get some bright colored tins that would be great in the kid’s room, your room, the kitchen, or any other room and make some delicious cake pops.  Decorate them in all colors and toppings.  Fill the planter with some filling and arrange the cake pops like an arrangement, and you have the ideal Christmas gift for anyone!
Other ideas for inexpensive, homemade Christmas gifts that are sure to please includes homemade Play-Doh, personalized tablecloths, mini bean bags, game bags, canvas log carrier ( great for dad!), tea wreath, napkin rings, tea party accessories, rosemary salt,  felt flower pin, and camera strap cover.  Instructions to make each of these Christmas gifts can be found online.

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