Part of  the fun of Xmas  is Xmas gifts; however, it is important to shop safely online. There are a number of bargains to be found on the net; but, without smart and safe shopping, those bargains can quickly turn costly. Following are smart shopping tips that will help ensure a happy and safe holiday shopping season.

How to Shop Safely Online

Before you purchase online, it is important to know the reputability of the online retailer. Therefore, ensure that the company has all their contact details listed. This should include the address and a phone number which they can be reached. Look for the contact details, their postal and email address and telephone number, which helps to ensure that the site is reputable.

Perform a little background research on a company. This is easily achieved by jumping on the net and accessing review sites and social media sites where consumers share opinions on companies and products. You can also check the reputability of a company through a consumer affair’s bureau like the Better Business Bureau.

Determine the policies and terms of a company. When you shop online, your Xmas gifts are shipped to your home or office, and there is the possibility of damage occurring during shipment. Therefore, you want ensure that you understand policies and terms of the company.

Also, look for all costs that will be included. This includes any packaging costs, and delivery costs.

Only use secure websites that you will be making a purchase through on the site. The checkout page where you provide your credit card number should start with https:// as opposed to https://. The https:// means that the site uses encryption which is a safety measure to secure the hacking of your data.

Check with your credit card company to know their policy for online fraud protection. When you do purchase your Xmas gifts online, record all the purchase details. Most sites will offer a receipt that can be downloaded or will send a receipt to your email box.

When you go to check out, you may be presented with preselected offers, uncheck each as they are additional costs.

Once you have purchased, check your credit card statement for any unexpected charges.

Online Shopping Checklist

1. Make certain your browser is up to date.

2. Check for the lock icon or the “https” to ensure the site features a secure connection.

3. If you have a bad feel from the site, don’t do business on it.

4. Do not allow the site to store your credit card information.

5. Read the refund policies, return policies and privacy policies.

6. When you find sites that include their telephone number, call it to ensure they are a legitimate business.

7. As soon as your Xmas gifts arrive, check them over and make sure they are what you expected.

Shopping online can present some of the best bargains, making for an ideal Xmas holiday. The trick is to shop safely and wisely to ensure that your bargains are indeed bargains.

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