After giving birth the stretch marks on your abdominal area will slowly reduce on its own. As time pass by it will become less obvious and will somewhat heal on its own. But if in case you find it troublesome having stretch marks, the best thing that you should do is visit your trusted dermatologist and seek advice on what treatment you should undergo. Although there are many available methods to remove stretch marks, most of them are not that effective. Only an expert can guarantee you that your problem will either disappear or somehow improve its appearance.

Tretinion Cream

One prescription that your dermatologist may prescribe is a tretinoin cream, which is available in the market with brands like the Retin-A. Depending on your stretch marks, some experts would recommend using tretinoin and combine it with different creams.  0.1 percent of tretinoin cream alone is enough to heal your stretch marks. Recent study shows that this cream can shorten the length of a stretch mark by 14%- 20% and its width to 8%. Remember, you are allowed to use this treatment only when you are not breastfeeding. It’s because there is no clear scientific explanation on how the cream works. There is also no known effect of the cream to your baby so it is best to avoid using it while nursing your child.

Laser Treatment

A laser therapy is still one of the most effective stretch mark removal treatments available. You can choose this treatment to greatly improve the appearance of your stretch mark. Based on the statement from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, There are differently types of laser that surgeons can us depending on the level of treatment and the color of the marks.  One type of laser stimulates the pigment cell’s production and another reduces the dark color of the skin mark. There are also newly developed laser treatments that are specifically designed to restore the healthy production of collagen, which restores the elasticity of the skin to prevent further skin damage.

As effective these methods can be, they are also that costly. It is also not covered with your insurance so you better prepare yourself for to hefty amount if you really want to avail these treatments. On the other hand, other treatments are also available to suit your budget. Although they are not as effective as the ones mentioned above, they can provide you the benefits you needed depending on the severity of your problem.



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