England Prepares for Upcoming Diamond Jubilee:

As 2012 progresses quickly into the spring months, the country of England will be in the midst of one of the biggest events in its country.

The Diamond Jubilee celebration is an international event that will be marking the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth ruling the monarchy. She ascended to the throne, following the death of her father in 1952. Currently, the queen rules 16 sovereign states of commonwealth.

The planning for the Diamond Jubilee was initially discussed at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2011. This is where each head of government discussed and shared their plans for partaking in the celebration of the 60 years of the queen ruling on the throne.

To date, the queen is the only Queen, other than Queen Victoria to have a Diamond Jubilee celebration in history. King George the third was also a ruling King who celebrated a Diamond Jubilee. Many countries will be celebrating this year’s Jubilee in different ways. Planning in some countries started years ago with plans being finalized last year.

Canada has started to mark the Jubilee with tribute on Ascension Day, commemorating royal buildings and holding parades to mark the royal throne.

Jamaica also hosted and commemorated with royal dinners and parties, some of them including attendance of Prince Harry.

New Zealand announced the release of a commemorative coin to mark the Jubilee. The silver dollar coin will become a collector’s item for many.

Saint Vincent is set to have a flower show and garden party, to celebrate the Queen during the year. A parade in honour of the Queen’s birthday is also being planned.

On June 4th, thousands of beacons will be lit all around the world, including England, Tonga, Sri Lanka, Pakistan , to name a few. The last and final deacon will be lit by the Queen herself, that night, at 10:30. The queen has been quoted as saying she did not want to have people be forced to celebrate and that public funds should be minimised.

There will be several permanent tributes for the Queen during this year. The Olympic Park will be renamed the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this year, after the Olympic games. The Queen has bestowed the area of Greenwich as a Royal Borough.

England will be having a celebration named The Central Weekend during the week of June 2 thru June 5th. It will be a four day long weekend holiday for the citizens of the United Kingdom, celebrating royal events and parties during this time period. Various activities are being planned for this important time period. These include a royal concert that will be televised, boating parties in the Thames River, and a derby. Many events will be shared with the citizens of the United Kingdom. Security is expected as its all time high during this special time period, as many members of various royal families are expected to attend.

An official website has been created to convey all the pertinent and accurate information regarding the year long celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee.

A royal celebration and exciting events this year will be all considering while detailing the Diamond Jubilee.

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