Day 2012: In honor of the upcoming Day celebrations (April 22), my friend, I wish you and your dear ones continued blessings, and an ever-increasing sense of connection and communication with the dear Mother . In Lak’ech Ala K’in, CG Music is: “” by Alex (feat. Brad Stanfield & Periel Marr Stanfield) is licensed under a Creative Commons license: Full lyrics at : All images are licensed under a Creative Commons license—Attribution only. Credits for images, in the order of appearance: 1) Silence By Mara ~earth light~ 2) He was lost in meditation. By skyseeker 3) Sun Salutation / Saludo al Sol By Ani Carrington 4) Cabrillo Peak Sunrise & Fog By marlin harms 5) Gunug Rinjani Summit By Lingaraj GJ 6) I love you By kelsey_lovefusionphoto 7) Enlightenment Machine truckin’ by Wonderlane 8) Maori Warrior puts up the call by Andrew Turner 9) 2009-05-23 Mt Tam-3, Redwood Trees in the Fog By Galileo55 10) Almost There By Lee Coursey 11) A Rainbow Along the Inca Trail By Lee Coursey 12) DSC04920 by MyFavoritePetSitter www

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